Nick Newell Story: Don't Be Handicapped Even When You Are
Nick Newell

Never allow situations to weigh you down. Even though you are handicapped don’t allow it to weigh you down.

I’ve come across many situations where people who are handicapped feel that they are irrelevant in society.

A good number of them go on the street begging, some of them their whole body is complete but they prefer to beg.


Being handicapped doesn’t mean that they can be the end of the world for you. Should I say being handicapped is a blessing.

It’s a blessing in the sense that you can do something that somebody with complete body parts cannot do.

If you are born handicapped, that is if a part of your body is not complete, it is not enough reason why you should kill yourself.

The true life story of Nick Newell in the Notorious Nick is a clear message to those of them who feel that being handicapped means being useless.

For those of you that have not watched The Notorious Nick I highly recommend that you watch that movie.

The story is about a young man called Nick Newell. Nick Newell was the handicapped young man who from childhood was mocked by his playmates.

Anywhere he goes, anything he does people hate him because he was handicapped.

Nick Newell made a friend right from childhood. They remain best friends even until they become adults.

His best friend was selected to fight in the MMA but unfortunately he died in a motorcycle accident.

When he got the information that his best friend was dead it was as if the whole world had collapsed on him.

He never stopped to think about his late best friend. He never stopped to think about who will encourage him again or who will always be with him even when people are mocking him.

Never left out was his mother. Nick Newell’s mother was another source of encouragement he needed to survive in life.

His mother has been saving a lot of money for him so that he can join in wrestling competitions but it was as if the wrestling competition was not his calling. Nick decided to join the ring fighting competition

His coach also was another great person Nick never joked with.

Even when Nick was failing his coach was always by his side.

His coach trained him so greatly that he became a very fine fighter; he won a lot of games being a handicap.

In his final game they refused to fight him because he was handicapped and the sponsors of MMA thought that all the fights were stage-managed.

After many reports to make the sponsors of MMA understand that he genuinely fought those games, they gave him the opportunity to fight in the MMA finals.

After the second round of the game Nick Newell won. For the very first time in the history of MMA a handicapped won the MMA. This took place in the year 2012.

In 2015, Nick Newell retired and after then in 2018 he came back again and also another MMA trophy.

Brlow is one of the videos of Nick Newell’s game

Being Handicapped Doesn’t Mean Being Handicapped

This story of Nick Newell is a clear picture of the fact that being handicapped does not mean you are handicapped.

You can be physically handicapped but that does not mean you are mentally handicapped.

the only people you can pity for are those of them who are mentally impaired of course they cannot really do anything reasonably but that does not mean that they are useless.

So for the fact that you can be useful in some situations it therefore means that you are not useless no matter who you are or the nature of your body.

Never allow people to weigh you down because of who you are, or because of the nature of your body.

Like I pointed out earlier, you are not useless.

Listen, the truth is and it remains you are not what people say you are except you agree with what people say you are.

That is to say if people say you are a handicap and you accept that you are handicap it therefore means that you’re a handicap

The story of Nick Newell is a story that every person that thinks that they are useless because of one problem or the other, must read or watch.

Being handicapped does not mean that it is the end of the world. You are handicapped for a reason and fight for that particular thing you think makes you happy.

Nick Newell believed in himself and of course he achieved his goal.

Today many people around the world want to know or talk about Nick Newell.

People can still talk about you so stop hiding under the shadows of being handicapped or being useless because I know that you are not.

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