My Best Friend’s Ex Needed Me Urgently

My Best Friend's Ex Needed Me Urgently

This is the story of how I became the lover of my best friend’s ex. It wasn’t easy but we succeeded.

It was in the late hours of Wednesday when my phone rang. It was Anita, my best friend’s ex.

When I saw her name flash on my phone, I wondered what could be wrong with her. My best friend’s ex has never called me ever since my best friend, Tom introduced her to me.

I refused to take the call the first time thinking that she wrongly dialled my number.

After I missed the call for the first time, she called back again. It was at this time that I realized that something was wrong.

I picked the call and the way she sounded made me conclude that something was wrong.

Immediately, I put a call across to Tom. Tom is my best friend and of course Anita’s ex.

I told Tom that his girlfriend was in danger or pain and he should try checking her out. Without finishing what I was saying to him, Tom hung the call on me.

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I called him again and again and again. The fifth time he picked up the call, Tom screamed at me and warned me never to call him again concerning his ex-girlfriend.

Because his home was a bit closer to that of his ex, that was why I called him. Since he can’t help, running to Anita’s aid is now what I must do.

Though I don’t know what her problem is, I believe she needed help judging from the tone of her voice. I quickly left all that I was doing and reached for my car keys.

She is not my girlfriend and I am only doing this because she needed my help urgently.

At a very high speed, I drove to the house of my best friend’s ex. When I got there, she was bleeding profusely.

There was no time to start asking questions. I tried as much as I could to lift her and help her into my car.

We got to the hospital and the doctors assured me that they will do their best to save her.

A few moments later, the doctor told me that the bleeding was controlled but they lost the baby.

It now balled down to me that my best friend’s ex was pregnant and she just had a miscarriage.

The doctor said that she needed a blood transfusion since she had lost too much blood already.

Thank God they had the type that will be okay for her. I went ahead to tell them to commence treatments and allow me to settle the bills.

I took my phone and called Tom and told him that his ex just lost her two-month-old pregnancy.

How did I know he was responsible for the pregnancy? Well, there was a time I was having a drink with Tom. He was so drunk that he told me everything about her.

Tom said that he was the only man to ever make love to his ex and even before and after him, she has never slept with any other man.

A few hours later, the doctor came out from the ward where my best friend’s ex was kept and announced that she is now doing fine.

That news was indeed comforting information. I am happy I was able to save a life today.

Judging from what the doctor said, if she was not brought to the hospital the time she was brought, we could have lost her.

I went back home to freshen up and also get her some foodstuff. She so much appreciated me for saving her life.

“You are not my boyfriend or any member of my family yet, you were my saviour when I needed one,” she said.

This was not the time to start praising me. What is more important is that she gets healed and can do her normal chores.

My best friend’s ex became my crush

All my life I’ve never seen myself loving my best friend’s ex the way I am now. Normally I saw her as part of the family since she is dating my best friend Tom.

Things completely changed a few weeks later when she stepped out of the hospital.

We visited each other often and one particular Saturday evening that she came around, that was when I unconsciously told her that I was in love with her.

She smiled and kissed me. She returned the statement with a very romantic look “I love you more”.

We started kissing and when things were about to get hot, there was a knock at the door. I opened the door, it was Tom.

Tom couldn’t believe that Anita could visit me because she has never done it even when they were together.

To Tom’s greatest shock, I introduced Anita to him as my girlfriend.

The sudden look on Tom’s face was ‘disappointment’.

Tom was mad because I fell in love with my best friend’s ex. Unfortunately, he just made me realize that not everyone deserves you.

Anita respected him so much. But when he broke up with her, it wasn’t easy for her.

How they Broke-up

Anita used to believe that Tom loved her truly from his heart as he always professed. She was a virgin until she met Tom, my best friend.

She denied him sex on many occasions and when he threatened to break up with her, she out of fear allowed him to have his way in.

That first-time sex got her pregnant. She was so happy that she was pregnant for the man she loves so much.

When Tom heard about the latest development, he was quick to tell her to get rid of the baby. Anita vehemently refused to do no such thing.

After two weeks of consistent pest on aborting the baby which remained dead on arrival, Tom broke up with her.

Anita couldn’t bear the heartbreak when Tom broke up with her. Unconscious of herself, she slipped and her stomach dashed to the floor in her sitting room.

According to her, she called Tom through a video call. He saw completely what was wrong with her but chose never to come for her aid.

After many attempts to reach out to Tom which didn’t work, she called me and I became her saviour.

How she averted the incoming best friends’ war

From the look of things, Tom was planning evil for us, having me as his main target.

He tried achieving this after he sent some hoodlums to attack me on my way back from work.

I was unconscious for about one week. Anita visited Tom in his home to make peace with him.

To tell you how devilish Tom was, Tom tried to force himself on her again.

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She said to him “Tom, I came to your place with my unborn child to make peace with you, but you’ve resulted in raping me. I have all the evidence to nail you but because I wouldn’t want to come in between you and my fiance, the father of my unborn child, that’s why I came to see you knowing full well the risk involved”.

“Tom, please, don’t do what you are about to do now so that you won’t end up regretting it”.

Tom felt sorry for her and also regretted his actions. He asked her for forgiveness and vowed to never allow himself to be controlled by his emotions.

Yes, I failed to mention earlier that my best friend’s ex who is now my fiance is pregnant for me.

We are having a baby soon.

Tom drove her to the hospital and their arrival was coincidental with me gaining consciousness. Tom apologized for all that had happened.

It was also there that he told me how his foolishness tried leading him to rape my pregnant fiance.


We have forgiven ourselves and of course, we became friends again. Anita and I finally made it to the altar.

We became husband and wife in the presence of friends and families and never forgetting, Tom.

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