So I left Nigeria after primary school to live with my uncle in the States. At 12, I enrolled in Mater Dei high school in California.

At Mater Dei high school, almost all the students are White. I was the only black girl in their midst. What was so outstanding was that almost all my teachers were blacks.

Though we had White teachers, most of them were blacks.

One of my teachers, Mr Kelvin, told me that even though I am black, I should never let myself be intimidated. Mr Kelvin told me to ensure that I studied hard to compete with the gurus in my class.

Among all my teachers at Mater Dei, Mr Kelvin never stopped being my father in school.

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Met My Husband at Mater Dei High School

I was in the same class with Kelvin Jr. Kelvin Jr is the only son of Mr Kelvin.

His father (Mr Kelvin) was black but Kelvin Jr is White. Let’s say he is White because his mother is White.

Kelvin Jr is the most intelligent in my class. He has won many awards as one of the best students in the Mater Dei High School.

I took up the challenge of beating the very best in my class. My first term in school wasn’t really good but it served as a base.

Kelvin Jr and I became very good friends. We read our books together, and we did almost everything together.

Because of us, my uncle and his family became friends with Mr Kelvin’s family.

After we graduated from Mater Dei High School, we separated. Kelvin Jr travelled to London to continue with his university education. I stayed in the US to finish my higher education.

We lost contact. Every attempt to recover the lost contact proved abortive.

Meeting Kelvin For The First Time After Mater Dei High School

On one of my holiday visits to my homeland (Biafra), you can’t imagine whom I met. It was Kelvin Jr. He was in Biafra to inspect a road construction project he was awarded by the Orlu province Government.

I was riding home and I saw a Whiteman standing at a side of the road giving instructions to workers.

The Whiteman looked familiar so I pulled over to take a closer look. Behold it was Kelvin Jr. He was the contractor that was invited to monitor the road construction project.

“Kelvin!” I screamed. He quickly turned around and saw me. Kelvin immediately left what he was doing and ran towards me. We hugged each other for quite a long time.

“What on Earth are you doing in Biafraland?” He asked.

“I should be the one asking you what you are doing in my homeland” I replied.

He quickly recalled I am a Biafran who lived in the States with her uncle.

He abandoned what he was doing and followed me to my hometown.

After the usual welcome celebration, I introduced Kelvin to my family and they welcomed him.

That very day we exchanged our contacts and that was how our relationship rekindled.

After two years in our relationship, Kelvin Jr took the relationship to a higher level. He proposed to me and I never hesitated to say yes.

Our marriage arrangements were made. Kelvin Jr and his family and friends travelled to Biafraland to pay my dowries.

We returned to the US and we had our children after the church wedding.

Once every two years, my children travel home (Biafraland) to see their grandparents.

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One happy thing I never stopped thanking God for was allowing me to marry my best friend.

No one could ever believe that Kelvin and I can ever reunite talking about getting married and having 3 children.

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