Intruders in Katherine Pierce County’s Home

Intruders in Katherine Pierce County's Home

At the sound of the car’s horn, the Intruders went into hiding. Katherine Pierce County was back from her place of work.

The intruders didn’t expect her to come back home this early. There was no way for them to escape. They concluded on killing Katherine Pierce when she entered the room.

The unsuspecting Katherine tried opening her door and noticed that the door she locked earlier was open.

She suspected foul play. It took her time to recall if she locked the door before leaving.

Her suspicion increased when all the lights in her room were dead. Katherine Pierce County reached out for a nearby golf stick. She gently walked to her sitting room but couldn’t find anyone.

On attempting to check other rooms, Katherine Pierce received a big hit on her head which made her unconscious for some time.

Katherine Pierce County is Awake

Katherine Pierce woke up and saw herself tied to her bed. Her golds were all taken by the intruders.

They are still collecting the priceless jewels she had in stock.

What they couldn’t access was her safe which was loaded with millions of dollars.

The intruders knew that she had such a kind of money in her safe. They tried to wake her up so that she could give them the passcode but she pretended to be unconscious.

The intruders decided on stealing other valuable properties while they waited for her to wake up.

One of them, who was asked to look after her and alert others when she wakes up, tried using that opportunity to make love to her.

He said to himself that he has never come in touch with such a celebrity all his life. I will f*ck you and you will testify how good I am on bed.

Katherine escapes

He went to the door to ensure that no one was coming or monitoring him. Katherine Pierce County that was conscious but pretending to be unconscious had managed to untie herself.

The intruder that was asked to watch over her never knew how he became unconscious. When he went to lock the door so that no one would catch him red-handed making love to Katherine Pierce, Katherine hit him with a heavy iron which made him unconscious.

She quickly took the intruder’s phone opened it with his index finger and called 911. After the phone call, she quickly ran into her bathroom.

The other intruders came to the door and noticed that it was already locked from the inside. They called on the other one that was mandated to watch over her. There wasn’t any response. The intruders forced the door open and saw him lying helplessly on the ground with an unhooked belt.

They went in search of Katherine Pierce County. They didn’t notice that there was a bathroom in the room because the door was decorated to be in line with the wall of the room.

The intruders went about the whole room in the house looking for Katherine Pierce but couldn’t find her.

She was able to access her home security panel using a safe code via an application she downloaded.

With the app, she was able to completely block all the doors in her house. These doors will keep the intruders inside and no way to escape.

Police is Here

She is now safe where she is. Within minutes, the police came with their car. One of the intruders shot at the police through the bulletproof glass and quickly, the police called for a backup.

The intruders just blew up their hideout by trying to shoot at the police.

When the backup arrived heavily armed, they were able to access the room as Katherine Pierce County was seeing and controlling everything from the bathroom where she hid.

The security cameras in the room are strategically placed and completely hidden. No one can tell the position of any security camera.

The police overpowered the five intruders that attacked Katherine Pierce County and she was able to come out of her hiding place.

She thanked members of the NYPD for coming to her rescue when she needed them most.

The intruders were charged to court for many criminal offences like; home intrusion, illegal possession of arms, shooting at the police and many others.

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