Igbo Leaders Proven To Be The Boil On The Igbos’ Body

Igbo Leaders Proven To Be The Boil On The Igbos' Body

The Igbo leaders are nothing but a boil on the body of the Ndi Igbo. They are the reasons why the Igbos are in the deep mess they are today.

Igbo leaders on many occasions have proven to the whole world that they prefer to be puppets rather than leaders of their people.

The world takes more seriously the voice of the leaders rather than the voice of the people. That is to say, even though the people are saying NO, the world will only listen when the leaders of the people join the people in saying NO.

World powers recognise the fact that the people are suffering but as long as their leaders are saying the opposite, that is what the world will accept.

The Igbo leaders are nothing but a boil on the body of the people. That is to say, they are the real problem of the Igbos.

Because of the rampant killing and raping of the Igbo girls, the Mazi Nnamdi Kanu led IPOB instituted a regional security outfit that will fight the invading terrorists from the North.

The Eastern Security Network, ESN, was formed to only operate as Forest Police Officers. Their major duty was to arrest these northern invaders disguising themselves as herdsmen.

What have Igbo leaders done to Save Igbo life?

Nothing. The Igbo leaders have not done anything to save the life of the Igbos.

This is one of the reasons why they are proven to be cowards

After many months of unending requests for a regional security outfit to be put in place to save the Biafran people, the Igbo leaders began to see themselves as leaders with authority only when the ESN was launched.

As a way of appeasing their Fulani masters, the Igbo leaders formed Ebube Agu.

They said that the Ebube Agu was the only recognised regional security outfit to help fight herdsmen and insecurity in Igboland.

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Unfortunately, the Ebube Agu was to counter ESN activities in Igboland.

Instead of joining forces with the ESN to fight the invaders of the Igboland, the Ebube Agu is leading the Nigerian armed forces in destroying ESN camps in all Biafran forest.

War is coming to Igboland and the Igbo leaders are acting as if all is well. They know full well that if there is war today, they will flee the land with their families and allow the people to face their deaths.

This among many other reasons is why a good population of the Ndi Igbo don’t believe in any Igbo leader but put all their faith in Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

Igbo leaders’ role in Nnamdi Kanu’s Kidnap

On the 26th of August, the leader of IPOB was kidnapped in Kenya and extradited to Nigeria.

No one can deny the fact that few Igbo leaders had a hand in the extraordinary rendition of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

The Yorubas fought for their freedom through the Oduduwa Nation’s platform and it was regarded as their right. Unfortunately, the Igbos, are terrorists because they are fighting for their freedom too.

The Yoruba leaders supported the release of Sunday Igboho, the leader of the Oduduwa Nation’s agitators.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu remains incarcerated because the Igbo leaders are not interested in his release.

Nnamdi Kanu’s Problem with Nigeria

The only problem Nnamdi Kanu has with the Nigerian government is the request for his people’s freedom.

The Nigerian government is against the Igbos’ freedom, the Igbo leaders are hell-bent on stopping the Igbos from becoming free from Nigeria. What a shame.

Because of the leiza affair attitude of the Igbo leaders, Nnamdi Kanu created the ESN to save the lives of the Ndi Igbo.

God is watching. As long as this struggle for freedom is ordained by Him, the Igbo leaders can go to hell.

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