How Humility Brought A Passerby Success

How Humility Brought A Passerby Success
Businessman gifting Passerby N500K

Humility is a virtue that comes with so many benefits. If you don’t bring down yourself to achieve success, there is never a way you can become successful.

The short way of becoming great is by becoming humble.

Nekenwa Saviosantos

The story trending today is the story of a passerby whose humility brought her good luck.

A young lady was given N500K by a businessman after splashing water on her with his car.

It was revealed that the unknown passerby was walking alone on the road when the incident happened.

The businessman, Mr Markson Chinedu Ijiomah said he stopped after he noticed the attitude of the young lady.

According to Ijiomah, a vehicle on his convoy mistakenly splashed water on the lady and her attitude was something else.

Instead of raining curses on him and his convoy as some would, he said the young lady was so humble.

The way she cleaned herself and continued her movement warranted him to pull over and apologize.

After apologising, Mr Ijiomah gifted the young lady a whopping amount of five hundred thousand Naira (N500,000).

He said that she didn’t curse, merely cleaning herself up and moving on.

Ijiomah said he apologised to her and gave her money.

This story was first shared by Mr Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah through his Facebook page.

And it was retrieved from Punch Newspaper official Twitter handle.

How Humility Brought A Passerby Success
Mr Ijiomah gifted passerby

Power of Humility

The power of humility should never be underrated. It should never be belittled no matter the situation.

No matter where you are, always remember that humility can take you places.

If that young lady whose name was not revealed became arrogant and raised her voice against Mr Ijiomah, trust me, the money she received wouldn’t have come.

Now let’s say, she didn’t work for the money but was rewarded for her humility.

Humility can bring you fame. Humility can bring lots of things that you never would have expected.

Sometimes you feel degraded because you were humble. Trust me, when you maintain that lifestyle, you will get to somewhere great.

In my final note, never disregard the power of humility. That virtue alone can win you prizes that money cannot buy.

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