Town crier places people on a high alert about girls going round and breaking people's hearts

It was around 5 am when the town crier went from home to home to place all single men on a high alert about women.

One of the funny things that have ever happened around me was when I travelled to my village to visit my grandmother.

After we finished our discussion, it was getting late and we needed to retire to our different rooms.

Around 5:00 am, the sound of a gong woke me up. It was a town crier whom I presumed was placing single men on high alert. The message was about ladies going round and breaking people’s hearts.

The High Alert Message of the Town Crier

“If you are a married man, kindly listen to my voice. If you are also a single man seeking to marry soon, do well to listen to my voice because this message is for you”.

“I am placing all of you on high alert about ladies going rounds to break people’s hearts”.

“They will claim to love you and when you give them that opportunity they will leave your heart shattered”.

“I am going from house to house making this announcement so that you won’t blame anyone when you are heartbroken”.

“Some of the girls that will deal with you when you give them your heart include those that claim they have no parents”.

“Those who wear heavy makeup only to change their original looks should be avoided”.

“Never give room to ladies who won’t allow you to have access to their privacy”.

“Any girl who believes she is more important than any member of your family should be shown the exit door”

“And finally, any lady who is always asking you to buy her this or that should be banished from your life”.

“I am placing you on a high alert now so that you won’t end up saying” had I known”.

The last gong indicated that he was done with his message.

I stood up from my bed and wondered why I came back to the village to be greeted with this kind of funny message.

Though it is funny for someone to come out as early as 5 am to indirectly share his heartbreak story.

Of course, the town crier did not just place people on a high alert about ladies going rounds and breaking people’s hearts. He also told his heartbreak story indirectly.

Dissecting the Town Crier’s High Alert

From the information he passed, there could be atoms of truth in it.

A lady you are not married to places herself higher above members of your family.

She believes that her needs are far more important than the needs of members of your family (siblings and parents).

To me, I support the town crier on this one. You are not yet married to me and you are making me feel that you are my number one priority.

The town crier proposed the banishment of any lady who is asking you to buy her this or that.

This is also a welcome statement. Any lady who is always asking you to buy her this or that, should be shown the exit door.

It doesn’t matter if you are rich or not. As long as you are interested in dating for love, she doesn’t deserve to be part of your life.

She is after your pocket and not your love. The earlier you recognize that the better for you.


You might indeed have an opposing argument concerning the message of the town crier. Whatever that is in your mind, all you have to understand is that not all women are there to love you.

A lady who does not take your family as her family deserves to see the exit door. Do this before it is too late.

If you end up marrying such a lady, bear in mind that you will completely lose your ground in your family.

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