Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS) is Back and Hot

Gulder ultimate search (GUS)

In the early 2000s, Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS) controlled or dominated the Nigeria airwaves. In 2021, the live TV show is making a spectacular return after it went dormant for about seven years.

The Gulder Ultimate Search started in the year 2004 and only dished out 11 seasons on air since it came on board in 2004.

After 11 seasons, GUS was untelevised any longer. The GUS remained the most-watched TV series in Nigeria before it ended in 2016.

After a long wait, the show would make a comeback and the title for this year’s “The Age of Craftsmanship”.

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For interested candidates, the registration started on the 1st of September, 2021 on the gods official page.

It is also important to note that interested participants must be between the ages of 21-35 years.

The GUS reality TV show is open to all boys and girls but be within the specified number of years.

The first screening session starts September 13 in Abuja and Enugu, while the second screening session kicks off on September 16 in Lagos.

The Gulder Ultimate Search ‘Age of Craftsmanship’ will begin officially on the 16th of October and end on the 19th of December.

From the first edition, which premiered in 2004, contestants were camped in different parts of the country to struggle against themselves and the wild, i.e. nature, and their search for a hidden treasure that brings to the last person standing instant fame and fortune.

The prize rose from N3 million from the first edition to N10 million and a brand new SUV in the last edition. However, for this year, the prize is not yet known.

It would be cool to inform us that this TV show has produced many famous people in the entertainment industry till this very day.

Past winners who have become household names in the entertainment industry include; Kunle Remi, winner of the 2010 edition; Dennis Okike winner of the season 8 edition; and Chris Okagbue, winner of season 10.

The host of the new season is yet to be announced but previous editions of the show were anchored by Nollywood actors Chidi Mokeme and Bob Manuel-Udokwu.

GUS is more entertaining and educational compared to other reality TV shows.

Over the years people are glued to watching and eager to see who will find the hidden treasure.

This year’s hidden treasure, no one knows who will become the next TV star.

All attention is focused on the 16th of October.

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