Why Some Taxi Drivers are Greedy

Why Some Taxi Drivers are Greedy

Till tomorrow I am still wondering why many Taxi drivers are greedy. A good number of them are so greedy that it stinks.

You can leave your balance with them but they can never leave their balance with you. Even though it means staying an extra hour to get that money from you, they are ready to do it. A taxi driver can never leave his money with you no matter how small.

I left my house around 6 am. I was moving from Rivers State to Imo state with the hope of returning to Rivers state that same day.

When I got to Warehouse (Owerri), the driver that will take us (passengers) to Orlu insisted that all the passengers will pay him N1,000 each. We tried to bargain the price with him but it was the new price tag.

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Because of the hike in fuel price, it is now a thing of war to find a moving vehicle that will take you around anywhere in Imo State.

The passengers accepted to pay the 1k the taxi driver demanded.

When we got to Umuaka around 9 am, the car developed a mechanical fault. The driver tried all he could to put it in order but the car never responded.

He did everything he could to make the car start, but it was as if all his efforts became useless at arrival.

The taxi driver told us that he wants to take his car to a mechanic since it developed a mechanical fault.

We all agreed with him and asked him to give us our balance so that we can board a different vehicle and continue with our journey.

Why I Said Some Taxi Drivers are Greedy

Do you know that this greedy taxi driver gave us N150 to board a vehicle that will take us to our destination?

Out of N1,000, the driver is giving us N150. An amount that cannot pay for a town service talks of taking you to Orlu.

Umuaka where his vehicle spoiled is a village in-between Owerri and Orlu.

We expected him to give us at least N500. The 500 will be enough to take us to Orlu from Umuaka. Justifiably, giving us 500 is normal because he only took us half the journey.

The driver refused to pay us the 500. He insisted on the 150 or he would transfer us to a different vehicle.

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We accepted that he handed us over to another taxi driver. Luckily enough, an empty taxi drove by. Our driver stopped him and asked him to take us to Orlu.

The new taxi driver said that he will charge us N400 each. Our greedy taxi driver said that the amount was too much.

He told the new driver to either collect 150 for each of us or forget it. The new guy told the driver that he better drive to Orlu with no passenger than carry us for 150.

The man drove away and the same thing repeated with the second and third drivers that he stopped to carry us.

We tried waiting to see if there was anything that could be done to revive his car, but all efforts returned fruitlessly.

For more than four hours. The driver insisted on only paying us N150 or we should forfeit it. Every person became mad with the driver.

We started taking vital elements of the car like battery, car jerk, etc. He tried fighting us but was unable to.

He at the end of the day decided to pay us the N500. Unfortunately for him, one of the passengers had already boarded a different vehicle with his car battery. Another passenger left with his car jerk.

He never knew when they left neither did I. I stopped another moving taxi and headed straight to my destination.

The greedy taxi driver can cry for all I care.

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