Eke Njaba is an Igbo name for Njaba python. Eke means python while Njaba is a local government in Imo state.

Eke Njaba is a well-honoured deity during the time of our forefathers.

The Njaba python is never killed. People venerated the snake and also worshipped it as a god.

The snake is rarely seen by anyone and when it does appear, it means something abominable or something great is about to happen.

Eke Njaba cannot be killed by anyone. If it dies whether consciously or unconsciously, it must be buried the same way humans are buried.

In Igboland, dead bodies are placed in a casket and buried in their compound or in an unused land where the deceased is the rightful owner of such land.

If the python is killed by mistake then the killer must be ready to spend hundreds of thousands to bury the snake.

Visitors in the Njaba axis must be aware of the Eke Njaba so that they won’t end up spending the money they never prepared for.

Short Story About Eke Njaba and the ended marriage

PLEASE NOTE: This story is completely fictional. All names used are fictional. Regard every form of familiarity as an act of coincidence.

Josephine and Theophilus were said to be love birds. Their parents were glad that the couple found themselves in school and are happy to live together as husband and wife.

Theophilus’ family inquired about Josephine’s family which is usually the first step a man’s family must undergo when planning to marry a woman in Igboland.

The mistake Theophilus made was not knowing the deep details of the girl’s community.

At Njaba, pythons are treated as sacred. Theophilus was short of knowledge about the Njaba python.

The date was fixed for Josephine to be traditionally united with the love of her life.

Usually, the young man is free to move around the community if he so desires while his kinsmen stay put to finalise on the marriage rites.

That might sound awkward but it was still encouraged if the young man wishes to take a look around the community.

Theophilus was led out by the group of the young men he came with.

His friends wanted to take a view of the great Njaba community so he decided to join them.

Since it was cool for the groom to take a walk around the community while the bride price of his bride is taken care of by his kinsmen, they allowed him to go with his friends.

They visited the mighty Njaba river and it was indeed sightseeing.

One of Theophilus’ friends saw a giant python curled on a side of the river and he alerted his friends.

How the Death of Eke Njaba Ended a Marriage
One of Theophilus’ friends saw a giant python curled on a side of the river and he alerted his friends.

They recalled how much the skin of the giant snake will cost in the market.

Theophilus and his three friends attacked the snake that ran for its life. They were able to overpower the snake and kill it.

There was an immediate climatic change when the sacred python died. The people were surprised as such a thing have never happened before.

The young men loaded the giant dead snake in the trunk of their car and headed back to their in-laws.

When they drove closer, the drinks presented by Theophilus’ kinsmen were turning red.

Surprisingly, people were standing up as it was clear something was wrong.

Theophilus and his friends arrived and to their greatest shock, people were running as the food and drink continued to turn bloody.


“What is happening?” Theophilus asked one of his uncles. They told him that no one is aware of what is going on.

“There is blood dripping from your trunk,” a little boy said while pointing to his car.

“Oh that was a hunt,” he replied.

He opened the trunk to show his uncle what he caught with his friends and the entire crowd shouted “ARU!” (Abomination).

People condemned what Theophilus and his friends had done and left the premises.

The sacred Eke Njaba is killed by a stranger who came to marry one of their daughters.

The marriage was cancelled and the rituals were made to appease the gods of the community.

After spending close to three hundred thousand Naira (N300,000) burying the Eke Njaba, Theophilus still ended up with Josephine.

After their marriage, people learnt that when you get to communities that are not yours, it is best to ask very relevant questions.

Some of these questions include

  • What are the laws guiding this community?
  • What and what are considered abominable? Etc.

The End….

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