Hardcore fan Writes Bruno Fernandez on His birthday

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Letter to Bruno Fernandez on His birthday
Bruno Fernandez

I woke up this morning and Twitter reminded me that today is the birthday of Bruno Fernandez.

Since there is no possibility of meeting him there at old Trafford, I’ve decided to make a dish and eat all alone in my house and also write this short piece.

The arrival of Bruno Fernandez to Manchester United has in one way or the other lifted many from untimely death.

Take it or leave it, the arrival of Bruno went a long way in saving people from unnecessary heart attacks.

Imagine what will become of Manchester United’s hardcore members if they realised that Bruno Fernandez was sick or ruled out of a match because of injury.

I know that with the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo, all attention will be moved from Bruno.

Every person knows about that but no one can also deny the fact that Fernandez has been the life wire of Manchester United ever since he signed for the red devil’s.

On your birthday Bruno, my prayers are that you will attain your needs in life.

You will soar from glory to glory. Nothing can ever limit your growth.

Manchester United fans all over the world still have at the back of their minds your heroic achievements with the club.

We know that even in your countryside, you played alongside Cristiano Ronaldo and you guys made a great team.

Now that you are reunited at Manchester United, we are expecting the both of you to bring to the club your once again heroic moments.

For now, I shall drop my pen and look forward to your match with Ronaldo, your countryman.

Yours sincerely, hardcore fan.


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