After Sleeping with His Sister, Village Youths Arrest Boy

Boy nabbed by village youths for sleeping with his sister

It is taboo in Igboland for any person to be caught or found guilty of sleeping with his sister or brother.

Incest was completely banned from Igboland right from the origin of the Igbo nation. Ikechukwu was caught sleeping with his sister.

Mr Ikechukwu Anyaso defaulted the age-long law by sleeping with his 14 years old sister, Amara.

Ikechukwu (19), was said to have returned from school and his little sister was the only person at home.

He asked about the whereabouts of their parents and it happened to be that their parents were not back from work.

According to his sister who is the narrator of this story, Ikechukwu asked her to abandon what she was doing outside and meet him inside the room.

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Innocently, she entered inside and met her brother stack naked.

She wasn’t moved nor did she wonder why he was naked on the bed.

He has always removed his clothes in her presence. He does that often and no one questions that behaviour.

She noticed some kind of foul play when her brother who was lying on the bed was masturbating his already erected pen*s.

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“I want you,” he said to her. The young lady was kind of unaware of what her brother meant by ‘he wanted her’.

Before she could know what was going on, her brother had descended on her and forced his way in between her thighs.

She raised the alarm but no one was close to hear her voice.

When he was done, he knew that all won’t go down well when their parents return. Mr Ikechukwu fled for his life.

When their parents returned, she narrated the story of how her brother forced himself on her.

Without wasting any time, they quickly took her to a nearby hospital so that she could be properly checked if anything was damaged.

The father alerted the village youths and they went in search of Mr Ikechukwu Anyaso.

They caught him while he was taking refuge in the house of his girlfriend.

“So you have a girlfriend and you prefer to sleep with your sister” the youths repeated while they beat him.

They kept on beating him until they brought him before the village king.

The king of the village gave a straight instruction that the necessary cleansing procedures be done immediately.

They brought the young man into what seemed to be the reserved areas for their idols and stripped him and his sister naked.

A tortoise was tied around their waist and the chief priest began the cleansing.

In Igboland, when such abominable acts are committed, the person recognised as the Eyes of the gods will embark on the job of cleansing the land as long as the needed materials are provided.

Irrespective of the fact that this story has an atom of truth in it, it is also a good idea if I informed you that this particular story is fictitious. Please disregard all forms of familiarity for it was a coincidence.

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