Biafrans Against Buhari’s Road Commission in Imo

Buhari comming to Imo state to commission roads

One morning we woke up from a radio announcement about the Buhari road commission in Imo State.

When the coming of Buhari to Imo State was announced, people became mad.

People of the Old Eastern Nigeria did not take it likely. They asked very simple questions that no one could provide an answer to.

What has the murderer of our children and families come to do in our land?

Why should the bloodsucking demon that has been parading himself as a father of a nation be invited to a nation he hates with passion?

The proposed coming of Buhari to Imo state to commission bad roads is still a dangling statement in the head of every reasonable mind.

Buhari comming to Imo state to commission roads

Is the president of Nigeria coming to commission roads that are bad or roads that are repainted to make it look like it was new?

Thank God for the prompt response of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB.

They (IPOB) made a declaration on Monday that Buhari is welcomed in Imo state or any part of Biafraland.

The Real Truth about Buhari’s Road commission in Imo

Buhari is not coming to Imo state to commission any road as it was perceived.

In November, there will be an election in Anambra state. There are indications that Buhari is coming to meet Uzodinma in Imo state. He is coming so that plans can be made to secure a win for the APC.

The Igbos have so muchly suffered under the regime of Buhari. His coming to Imo state is a huge slap on the people.

Some time ago he called people of the Eastern region a dot in a circle. Since then, the people have automatically turned the name into an economic hub.

Should I say that the president regretted using that word on the Easterners because it never affected them negatively as he thought it would.

The Indigenous People of Biafra declared an emergency sit-at-home on that Thursday.

Thursday was declared a sit at home in protest against the coming of Buhari, the killer of the people.

Though the governor of Imo state, Hope Uzodimma has maintained that no one has the right to stop the president from coming to Imo state.

On many occasions, Biafrans have proven to the governor that they own Biafraland and not him.

Out of frustration, the governor sealed all banks in Imo state as they adhered to the sit at home order which was initially cancelled by the leadership of IPOB.

Governor Hope Uzodimma has no say as long as Biafraland is concerned.

The earlier he understands that, the better for him.

Buhari is not welcomed in any part of Igbo land!

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