Bernie Sanders Makes Another Tough Statement
Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders has once again reminded the government that no amount is too much to save the planet.

Sanders wondered if the planet goes down in 50 years would anyone ever exist?

Bernie Sanders suggests that the government should look into issues bordering on saving the planet.

The government is looking for a way to avoid spending a lot as it regards climatic changes. Sanders does not support this view.

To Bernie, enough finance should be pushed into the issues bordering on climatic change to enable avoid futuristic downfall.

Is better for a huge amount of money to be spent now saving the planet than spending little.

The little money spent won’t go anywhere in saving this Earth as proposed by Bernie Sanders.

According to him, we should spend enough money to save this planet.

In his own words via social media, Sanders said “How much is too much to spend when we’re talking about saving the planet? Honestly, in 50 years, if the planet goes down, are my colleagues going to be saying “Gee whiz I’m glad we didn’t spend too much.” Give me a break”.

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