Bernie Sanders: Government Should Serve the People

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Bernie Sanders: Government Should Serve the People
Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders, an American politician and activist has called on the government to serve the interest of the people.

He said that the US government should focus on issues bordering on the public and not the wealthy few.

To Bernie, the government is expected to function for the good of the people.

He prayed to them (the government) to deliver the people’s interest and not the interest of the wealthy elites and corporations.

Recently, there has been news making rounds that the rich don’t get taxed, only the poor and average citizens.

Bernie Sanders criticised this and encouraged the government to work for the good of the people.

He discouraged them from working only to satisfy the wealthy elites but rather the interest of the poor masses that voted them into power.

The interest of those who voted them into office should be well protected and served.

Bernie discouraged that only the rich and big corporations should be taken care of. He pushed for the betterment of the entire US population.

Sanders said via his social media that he believes in the radical idea that the government should deliver for the interests of the people, not the wealthy elite and corporations.

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