To Become Someone Great, 5 Virtues You Will Need

Do you have a family that you must take care of? Do you wish to become useful in life? Then you must aspire to become someone great.

What people say about you shouldn’t matter but rather what you say to yourself.

To become someone great lies on how dogged you are and how determined you are to achieve greatness.

One of the things that kills someone’s zeal of becoming great is his inability to believe in his or her abilities.

This world is full of competition. Many want to outsmart others so as to be in their position.

But do you know that the position someone is shouldn’t be what you should be aspiring for but rather something bigger than that position.

To become someone great you have to trust your abilities. You must believe in yourself and never in any way doubt your possibility of becoming successful.

Many people who became great today started roughly. I am not disputing the fact that there are people who are born with a silver spoon.

See, to become someone great you must make your silver spoon. That someone is not born with a silver spoon does not mean that he or she cannot have his or her own silver spoon.

Since others are born with a silver spoon and you are not, why not make one for yourself?

Becoming someone great is not a child’s play especially when you are soft hearted.

Soft Hearted I mean here simply means your ability to believe in yourself and your faith that some day, you will become successful.

What are needed to become someone great

Do you aspire to become great? Then you’ll need to possess some of these features.

  • Perseverance
  • Patience
  • Humility
  • Open-Mindedness
  • Cooperativeness

1. Perseverance

Perseverance is an act of pushing forward to achieve a goal even when you fail. It has to do with a constant request for something until it is given to you.

Even the Holy Bible advises us to persevere whenever we are asking something from God.

Let me say for example, if maybe you are requesting money from your dad to buy a video game and he refused to give you the money.

What do you think he will do when you keep on bugging him with that request?

Of course he will become tired of your disturbance and give you the money to buy the video game.

That is the same thing that happens when you are aspiring to become someone great.

Because you failed the first time isn’t enough reason why you should quit.

Persevere and definitely you will achieve your goals.

2. Patience

Patience is completely different from perseverance. To be patient means to wait and watch while it turns out.

That is to say, exercising the virtue of patience is a very vital tool when you are aspiring to become someone great.

Plussing perseverance and patience when aspiring for greatness goes a long way in making your dream achievable.

3. Humility

Humility is yet another needed factor to become someone great.

You work for someone and you want to become someone great under him or her. Do you think that the best way to achieve that is by being arrogant? The answer is a very big NO.

You can’t achieve greatness by being arrogant. There are many things you can learn from your boss but it is only possible when you are humble.

My mother would always say that, it is better to act stupid just to get what she is looking for.

Being humble means you are ready to accept whatever that will be thrown at you.

The interesting aspect of the whole thing is that, you will definitely become that great person you have aspired to be.

4. Open-Mindedness

An open-minded individual is that individual who is ready to accept criticism and also ready to learn new ideas.

You cannot be fanatic or stereotyped to a particular idea and you expect a change.

To become someone great you must be open-minded. You must be ready to learn new things.

Your critiques and the things you learn helps to improve your skills and talent.

When someone criticizes your work, don’t be offended about it, instead try as much as possible to correct yourself next time.

That is a way of growing. Learn from people who know better than you and also teach others and wait for critiques.

Criticism is the brainchild of an innovative mistake.

Nekenwa Saviosantos

5. Cooperativeness

No man is an island. Trying to teach yourself everything will never help you in your quest to become someone great.

You must learn to work with people around you who are aspiring to achieve the same thing you wish to achieve.

How Do you go about Becoming someone great?

Just like I have pointed out in the above points, you just need to start from somewhere.

There are many things you can/must do in order to reach your goal of success.

Feel free to start applying the above factors/virtues and you will see yourself hitting success.


In a brief summary, to become someone great you’ll need to possess many virtues like; patience, perseverance, humility, open-mindedness, cooperativeness, among others.

No one should discourage you from what you aspire to become.

To become someone great solely depends on you and how you wish to go about it. So start working on yourself now.


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