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Maybe you have finished shooting a video and you noticed that you can barely hear the audio. Do you know that you can adjust the audio of the video in Premiere Pro?

This is one of the reasons people go for Premiere pro. It is so because the editing application has lots of helpful features. Audio editing is one of them.

Adjustin is audio is very simple to do. If you are getting to video editing as a newbie and you want to know how to improve the audio of your video, this is what you have to do.

Start to Adjust Audio Now

Simply select the clip(s) you want to adjust its audio and tap ‘G‘ on your keyboard. An ‘Audio Gain‘ interface will pop up.

At ‘Set Gain to‘, enter a specific amount of number (the level you want to increase the volume too) for example 13 or any number of your choice.

Hit the ‘Ok‘ option and return to your editing timeline. Check if the audio of the video has improved.

You still want it increased the more? Do the same thing you did earlier. Add a higher number and hit okay.
I think by now you should be getting reasonable audio.

What if the audio becomes louder than expected?

If you find yourself in this situation, don’t panic. It is still very simple to get it back lower to suit your taste.

All you have to do is to hit the ‘G’ button again. Now before your press, any number remember to press the minus (-) button on your keyboard. For example, -6.

Please don’t add the bracket () signs. The minus button instructs premiere pro to remove a certain number of volumes from the previously added numbers.

Check your audio again you will notice a change in the audio.

If you still want to reduce the outcome of the audio, press the ‘G‘ button again and add the minus button before adding your preferred figure.

How to Normalise the Adjusted Audio

How to Adjust Audio in Premiere Pro

Okay let’s say you have messed up with the whole thing, this is what you must do.

Select the affected clip(s) and hit the ‘G’ button on your keyboard. You can also achieve this by right-clicking on the selected clip(s).

Select Audio Gain and enter your preferred normalization amount. Don’t forget to add a minus (-) when adding a preferred number during the normalization process.

You can do this well only if you followed the above instructions judiciously.

From the look of things, am sure you can now increase or decrease the audio of your video in Premiere pro.

You are still welcome to watch this video.

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How to Adjust Audio in Premiere Pro