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Zac Efron shooting a new movie
Zac Efron shooting a new movie

Zac Efron new movie to hit the world in no distant time. The hot Hollywood superstar has directed his fans to be on a lookout for another hot movie.

The new movie by Zac Efron features Jessica Alba, directed by Craig Gillespie and shot in Dubai.

Zac Efron shooting a new movie no one would be happy to be told. Watch the thriller of this interesting new video.

No matter what you do, you wouldn’t want to be told what happened or how the video went.

It is a must watch video just like it has been declared by many of his fans who only saw the thriller of the video.

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Fans of the movie star cannot wait to have their eyes fixed at watching his new movie.

Below is a thriller of the new movie shot in Dubai.

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Zac Efron New Movie Coming Soon