Toxic marriage: bad behaviours that promotes toxicities in marriage

Marriage is the legal union of a man and a woman to function as a husband and wife. Toxic marriage emanates from the character of a partner or both married partners.

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People who are said to be married are privileged to join others in increasing the global population through the process of procreation.


Some people might wonder why there are so many cases of divorce in our society today. The short answer to this question is the partners’ characters.

People’s way of life has a deep effect on their marriages. Marriages become toxic when partners no longer value the importance of one another.

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A toxic marriage can therefore be regarded as a marital relationship that acts from the opposite reason of its creation.

Toxic marriages can also be seen as the everyday unhappiness that erupts among marriage partners.

There are so many factors that promote toxicities in marriage. Among many, we shall discuss the below three (3).

3 Factors that Promote a Toxic Marriage


1. Rape

One will be wondering if rape also exists in marriages. Rape is indeed common among individuals that are not yet married. But it is wrong to stereotype your knowledge to that alone.

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Rape can also exist in legal unions (marriage). The big question now is, what is your definition of the term ‘Rape’? To give a simple answer, rape is forceful sexual intercourse outside the knowledge or permission of the victim.

Raping your wife is a very wrong thing to do. Even though your wife doesn’t have the intention of reporting you to the appropriate quarters, it is still very wrong to have sexual intercourse with her when she is not ready for it.

Some women also force themselves on their husbands. No one should think that men alone are the people that rape women. Women also rape men but is more common among men.

If your partner is not ready or in the mood for sex, to avoid any form of toxicity in your marriage, you must acknowledge the rights of your partner.


2. Jealousy

Another attitude that has qualified itself as a factor that promotes a toxic marriage is jealousy.

Jealousy can be seen as a suspecting rivalry in love; troubled by worries that one might have been replaced in someone’s affections; suspicious of a lover or spouse’s fidelity (English Dictionary).

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Some time ago, a man nearly beat his wife to death simply because he met her discussing and smiling with his best friend.

He came back from work and met the both of them standing at the roadside. This got the man so mad that he descended on the wife without asking questions.


According to him, he said his wife has never smiled or laughed the way she was laughing and smiling with his best friend.

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He ended his relationship with his best friend and when the truth about what they were discussing came up, the man realized that he had made a fool of himself.

His jealousy has ended his best friendship with Michael and currently, his wife is lying helplessly at the hospital.

Jealousy as one of the leading factors promoting toxicities in marriage has to be checked at all costs.

Toxic marriage comes up, especially when the husband begins to feel that the wife is cheating on him. The same is also applicable to women.


3. Self-centeredness

Self-centeredness is activities that acknowledge an individual’s interest more than others. It has to do with being interested in what concerns you alone. The interest of other people does not matter to you.

A man who values his own needs more than his wives can never make a good home. The same is also applicable to women.

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Any marriage where there is an existence of self-centeredness, trust me, that marriage heads towards desolation.

Finally note, a toxic marriage is promoted by self-centred individuals.

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