TMM cruise hotels and suits Where to Find Rest in Umuaka
Outside view of TMM Cruise Hotels and Suits

Are you a visitor in Umuaka or are you making plans to visit for the very first time? Do you have issues with accommodation or where to rest your head when you get there? TMM Cruise Hotel is the best place to have those questions answered.

TMM Cruise is one of the leading hotels in the Njaba Local Government Area of Imo state.

It is sited in Obinwwanne Umuaka. The hotel embodies all that you can ever seek at home.

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Team More Money (TMM) Cruise hotels and Suits ensure that the satisfaction of their customers is placed before their gains.

The presence of this hotel in Umuaka has made it necessary for travellers and or visitors to worry no more about where to spend the night.

At the hotel, you are sure to expect a 24/7 power supply, well-prepared dishes and what have you.

Do you intend to go swimming? TMM has made that readily available for your sake. Instead of finding or scouting for the village stream, the hotel has got you covered on that one.

Interestingly, the hotel has got an entertainment garage where customers go to get themselves entertained.

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Honestly, TMM Cruise hotel and Suites is a home away from home.

TMM cruise hotels and suits Where to Find Rest in Umuaka
A room in TMM Cruise

Owners and workers at TMM Cruise have lived up to expectations as customers leave good reviews about them.

From the moment of lodging to when you are leaving, the hotel ensures you are well served.

What are you waiting or looking for? Contact TMM Cruise today and reserve for yourself one of their special rooms.

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Everyone is treated like a Prince in his home but at TMM Cruise, you are a king.

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Another room in the TMM Cruise hotel


  • Hospitality
  • Lodging
  • Short Rest
  • Entertainment etc.


  • Restaurant
  • Bush bar
  • Swimming pool
  • Club
  • Laundry
  • Internet facilities.

How to Locate TMM Cruise Hotels and Suits

TMM Cruise hotel is located at Km 10 Ikpa Road Obinwwanne Umuaka, Njaba L.G.A Imo state.

For more enquiries, Feel free to contact the hotel’s reception at 07038330787, 08134893220 or 09012018293

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