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This is the story of three roommates who lived under the same roof but were never happy to see each other.

The roommates who finally became friends as a result of living together never had issues with each other until Michael joined.

three roommates: Michael was a Target

Jake and Franklin lived together in a single room apartment. The cost of house rent was still very high for them but they had to manage.

Living in the school hostel wasn’t an option for Jake and Franklin that was why they tried to find a house outside the school environment.

Michael, just like Jake and Franklin, are coursemates in the same department of political sciences.

Michael in the meantime has nowhere to stay since he was new in the city and the school environment.

He didn’t gain admission when others got admission. It was too late for him to find a house anywhere around the school or even be able to secure a room in one of the hostesses in school.

Because we cannot be moving every day from Abuja to Imo, he was able to reach out to Jake and Michael who accepted him into their house under the condition that he will join them to pay the house rent.

Michael Joined His Roommates

Without any waste of time, Michael accepted to pay for one full year. Although the money, for now, was not available.

He promised to pay up in not less than three weeks. Jake and Franklin took him to live with them.

For two weeks he had been going to school from their house.

Jake hated him for no reason and as for Franklin, he never trusted him. They regularly inquired about the money for the house rent which he promised to pay at the initial.


He kept on telling them to please give him weeks so that his parents could send the money.

One fateful day Michael was all alone in the house. Jake returned from a tutorial class and started looking for something. Jake noticed that he was looking for something but refused to ask him.

For more than 5 minutes he searched his bag but it appears something is missing

“Did you come to my bag?” he asked Michael.

“No I didn’t” Michael responded and went back to what he was doing.

“So how come the 20,000 naira I left in my bag is no longer here?” he asked

“I have no idea. Why don’t you just search your bag thoroughly, maybe you left it somewhere you might not remember,” Michael advised.


“You must be very crazy for telling me that. Were you not here when I searched the entire bag for more than 10 minutes?” He queried.

“Sorry bro I didn’t mean to upset you. What I’m saying is you should just calm down and search for the money. It may be somewhere that you might not have checked,” Michael advised again.

A few minutes later Franklin entered. Jake asked him if he saw his 20,000 naira. Franklin said he has not set his eyes on any money.


Franklin was the first to leave the house followed by Jake. Michael was the only person at home.

Before Jake left the house he confirmed his money was intact. And since the both of them left nobody has entered the room and nobody has left the room.

That is to say, after Michael finished eating his breakfast he never went outside the house until Jake and Franklin returned.

“So are you trying to tell me that after we left this place no person has entered this house?” Franklin enquired.

Michael nodded his head in acceptance. “Then you must provide the money” Franklin and Jake insisted.

Michael has indeed been observing the form of hatred coming from his roommates but he never expected them to think he was a thief.

“About your missing money, I have no idea of it. Please do not place an allegation on me because I don’t know anything about your missing money” Michael defended.

Before anyone could know what was happening, Jake had lifted the hammer below his mattress and said he would hit it on Michael if he didn’t provide his missing money.

Franklin held him back and I advised him to tread with caution.

He went back to his bag again and was shocked to have seen the money that he nearly broke Michael’s head for.

When he saw the money, he became quiet. He gradually brought out the money and said “I have seen it”.

Michael confirmed he had seen the money. The next thing he did was to start packing his clothes.

“What are you doing?” Franklin asked.

“Oh, I want to travel,” he said.

Michael packed all of his properties and bid his roommates goodbye.

They never stopped wondering why he just stood up and started packing his stuff after the money was found.

A few minutes later after he had left, Franklin received a text message on his phone. It was from Michael.

The content of the message was in a form of appreciation for having him in their house for two weeks.

He went ahead to buttress in the text that he cannot live with them any longer. It was clear enough that he was never welcomed into the house.

No one knows what Jake would have done to him if that money was never found.

He thanked them once again and still emphasized that he can’t live in a room where no one can trust him with anything.

A constant call to bring him back to the house was fruitless.

No one knows anything about Michael. No one knew that he was the son of Hon Dan Igbem, a Legislator in the house of Senate.

His father brought him back home to study in Alvan so that he can start getting used to Igbo culture.

He grew up in Abuja and everything about him was completely foreign compared to life in Igboland.

The day his coursemates, and his former roommates knew about his true identity was on the day of their first-year matriculation.

He had kept it a secret from them. Jake and Franklin hated themselves for bullying Michael thinking that he was a nobody.

Irrespective of the fact that his father was a very rich man, Michael never allowed it to affect his academics.

Michael graduated with first-class honours in the department of political science which has been a rare event since 20 years ago in the department’s history of existence in Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education.

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The three roommates: Michael was a Target