The Goddess of Njaba River (episode 3)

The Goddess of Njaba River (episode 2)

“You dare to challenge me, the Chief Priest of this land?” Flaming up gradually.

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“Gentlemen please stop this please” the king begged.

“You are lucky, the goddess has already marked you to be her new husband. What I would have done to you right now, only the birds could recognise you” the chief priest threatened.

“Every ten years you sacrifice men to the evil goddess of Njaba River and here you are claiming to be the custodian and protector of our land”. “Tueeh!” (He spat on the floor of the palace) “I cursed the day I was born into this land,” he said and left.

The king took into thoughts the words of Chibueze but unfortunately, there was nothing he could do to salvage the kingdom of Eziama.

For many years, the kingdom of Eziama has worshipped the river goddess of Njaba and offered many men to her in marriage.

“Chibueze cannot be Eto. He can’t make history repeat itself. Not in my kingdom, not in my time” he concluded.

He called on his chief security to arrest Ugwuonma. This attempt was to break Chibueze into accepting to marry the river goddess of Njaba.

Chibueze is on the farm weeding grasses. A very beautiful lady stood at his back for some time.

He noticed that someone was standing behind him. “Who are you and what do you want?” He asked without looking backwards.

“Why have you chosen to make your people suffer?” The strange woman asked.

“That does not answer my question. Who are you and what do you want?” Chibueze asked again.

“You see, that’s why I chose you. You are fearless. Come, accept me as your wife and I shall give you all the pleasure Ugwuonma has never offered you.

Chibueze noticed her legs were not touching the ground. It then occurred to him that the goddess of Njaba River had visited him on his farm. He knelt immediately and covered his face.

No man has ever seen the goddess before except when she is outraged.

She makes her physical body known to men to let men understand that the time for her wrath was drawing near.

“I am sorry your Greatness” Chibueze apologized for looking at her eyeball to eyeball.

“Ugwuonma or the entire community, choose wisely,” the river goddess said and vanished.

The apparition demoralized Chibueze. He couldn’t farm any longer. He gathered his tools and set back to the community.

His mother was the first to see him. “He doesn’t come back home this early. Is he okay?” She thought to herself.

“Welcome home son. This one you are back home early and looking sad, what is happening?” She asked.

He cannot explain his experience today at the farm. He just imagined losing his family to the wrath of the river goddess of Njaba.

While he stood to enter his hurt, someone was running and shouting his name. It was Emeka, Ugwuonma’s immediate younger brother.

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He came to announce to Chibueze that the palace warriors had arrested Ugwuonma and bundled her to the palace.

Chibueze quickly dropped his working implements and went with Emeka to the palace.

His mother was short of words. She couldn’t do anything because the situation at hand is far bigger than her as the mother to the embattled Chibueze.

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She went back to the compound she was cleaning and never stopped to bother about her only son.

At the palace, the king was comfortably sitting in palace with his elders discussing a way forward.

The guards stopped Chibueze from entering the palace because of his mode of entry.

The king gave a sign for them to allow him. When he got there, he greeted the king and his council of chiefs.

“Your majesty, what have I done to deserve all this evil?” He asked.

Episode four……

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