Once upon a time in the Kwango clan, the most appreciated dragon grew into the most fearful bad Dragon Lord.

The Kwango clan is a small community in the Dora region. Its mineral resources were enough to sustain the whole Dora region.

Every 15 years, a new dragon Lord is crowned to be the protector of the whole Kwango.

Because of the presence of the dragon as the leader of the Kwango army, the entire Dora and other clans feared the Kwango clan.

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Tyranny befell Kwango when the most loved dragon Lord became the nightmare of the Kwango clan.

The bad dragon saw to it that those who opposed his quest to the leadership of Kwango had themselves to blame.

People of Kwango feared that the end of the clan was coming to an end.

Other clans were battle-ready to overrun the clan if the bad dragon happens to achieve his purpose of destroying the land.

Every person in the Kwango clan opposed the bad dragon so by implication, the whole clan is in for dragon fire.

Messengers of the gods sought the intervention of the gods and goddesses but they were unfortunately silent.

The people of Kwango found themselves in a helpless situation. They had no other option but to surrender to the bad dragon Lord.

For the first time in the history of the Kwango clan, a dragon ruled as king.

He ate people for breakfast, lunch and dinner, draining the small population of Kwango.

Soldiers were submissive to the new animal-king because he is legally authorised to give commands.

People were dying daily. Cries were heard but there was no one to come for their rescue.

Other clans that planned to attack Kwango when the bad dragon finally succeeds, retire to their huts to avoid being devoured by the deadly dragon Lord.

The Bad Dragon And His Laws

The dragon king made a law that only women are allowed to serve in the palace and the military. He retired all men and made women warriors.

The bad dragon Lord went further to kill the last of his kind, and also making women his wife.

Women were forcefully married to the dragon and all of these were ways of making love to a human.

No woman survived a night with him. It is either she is shattered into pieces with his claws or burnt by his breath of fire.

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He knew that there was no possibility of making love to a human without anything bad happening but he insisted.

The population of Kwango was gradually reducing. The clan would go extinct if nothing drastic is done about it.

At this point of need, the voice of a young warrior was heard. Yaroro was the only brave 24 years old warrior who stood up against the bad Dragonlord.

He opposed the reign of the dragon king but from a different land where he took refuge.

For the two months the dragon took over leadership, he remained indoors seeking the best way to liberate his people.

A battle against the bad dragon is a suicide mission. Yaroro knew about this but was determined to lay down his life for his people.

Nobody was ready to join him in his crazy plans. His house to house request for support remained futile.

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When the dragon heard about a young man planning against his reign from another kingdom, he waged war against the kingdom where Yaroro operated from

Yaroro is a citizen of Kwango but was among the few that fled the clan to a distant clan.

Now, Yaroro is back with a plan to eliminate the king and return leadership to humans.

The possibility of achieving this alone is thin. He is now hunted to be extradited to Kwango.

While he tries to run away from his deadly king, he is also hiding from the warriors of the clan where he took refuge.


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