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Why hating yourself is very wrong

Now let’s just tell ourselves the truth, a good number of us don’t like ourselves or even the way we are created. Some hate themselves simply because their body stature is different from others.

Hating yourself won’t go anywhere in helping you become anything useful.

Do you know that hating yourself goes a long way in discouraging you from doing greater things?

Who told you that you must be like other people before you can be like them?

I so much believe that everyone is born with superpowers but hating yourself is a killer of your superpowers.

When I talk of superpowers, I mean such great talents that need to be explored.

The more you shy away from what you are best known for because of your body structure, you see yourself hating yourself for not doing what you are meant and fit to do.

One of my classmates back in the day during my secondary school stopped studying because some people mocked him for having a big nose.

They told him that someone with a big nose is not worth being a human.

Michael hated himself so much because he believed that no one seemed to like him for having a big nose.

The saddest part of the story is that Michael took his own life.

The note he left behind clearly told the summary of what caused his death.


“I can’t continue to live a life where no one accepts me. This big nose, finally you can have your rest”.

There was no need to investigate what caused Michael’s death. Lack of self-love led to his sudden death.

Hating Yourself Is a Personal Wickedness

Hating yourself is an act of self-wickedness. You are being wicked to yourself. Honestly, it is very wrong to hate yourself.

I do tell people that someone is created the way he or she is for one particular purpose.

Why do you think snowbears survive in cold or snowy environments? Why do you think that animals with too many hairs survive in a cold environment more than animals with little or no hairs?

That is just the simple logistics. Animals with many hairs tend to survive in cold ecosystems more than animals with little or no hairs.

The same is also applicable to we humans. We have our different body shapes so that we can survive in a particular life situation which ordinarily we may not if created like the others.

Maybe, Michael was created with a big nose so that he can breathe properly. Unfortunately, he is not alive to know why he is different from other people.

But that does not make him in any way different from other humans.

He is very intelligent which happens to be a bonus. So why did he take his own life?

You Must Stop Self-hate

It is high time you stopped hating yourself because it won’t do you any good.

There are better things to do with your time and life instead of constantly looking at the mirror, hating yourself and asking God why?

God has made you special don’t you think it is wise enough to glorify Him for what He has deposited in you?


In my thoughts, whatever that someone came into this world with is his/her beauty makeup.

Trying to explain this, what I am saying is that, that thing you see as a deformity with which you came into this life is your uniqueness.

It is something that makes you completely different from the others.

Stop all this self-hate because God that created you that way is never stupid.

Ways You Can Stop Self-hate

  • Be appreciative of whom you are.
  • Avoid listening to people’s talks about you.
  • Get busy
  • Learn to love things (many research results has proven that people who don’t love anything tend to create self-hate)

last note

Don’t be a bully who is always looking for someone to kill with his tongue.

Every person is specially made by God including you. Making others feel that they are wrongly created is a big sin.

I am not judging because I am not in the right position to. But what I am saying is that you must deviate from making people feel inferior about themselves.

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