How the Silent Generation Never Died Because of Nnamdi Kanu
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

Our era turned into a silent generation because we are not given the rightful place where we belong.

People hated us for no reason. They looked at us as a people without any origin. They made us think that we are nothing but a generation that needs to be silenced.

It continued that way. Even our leaders gave more open rooms for us to remain the silent generation.

On how many occasions shall we call upon our leaders to look into this matter to help us save our youth?

But because of their love for their political career, they have turned deaf and unwilling to help.

Our generation became a silent generation because there was no person there to speak for us.

We prayed fervently. Come rain, come sun, we never stop praying for a messiah to come and save us from this danger our leaders have put us into.

Our prayers were finally answered when Mazi Nnamdi Kanu came into the picture.

His quest for the freedom of Biafra started a long time ago.

His thunderous voice made the used to be silent generation become a must-heard generation

Many called him the microphone Warlord. Many of his non-supporters called him a hardened criminal who is busy exploiting the brains of the silent generation.

All these we read and heard people say about him we never gave a damn because we trust him with everything.

He operated in a country that ever wanted his survival. They always wanted to hear him talk. Fearlessly he called the day’s government all manner of names and also baptised it with a very strong name which perfected its way of life, ZOO.

This brought serious madness upon the leaders of the zoo. The central government sent out their warriors to apprehend the only voice of the silent generation.

Without any resistance to be arrested, the man who was seen as the new saviour followed them.

They laid too many allegations against the voice of the silent generation. Allegations that were completely against the constitution that guided the zoo.

They arrested him for protesting against the evil doings of the day’s government.

It was Crystal clear that this young man never did anything wrong, he only protested for what he believed was right and what in the eyes of every man was/is morally just.

You cannot stay molested and still feel like all is well with you when you know that you are never fine.

This was what they claimed the new saviour did. No country in the world can arrest you for fighting for your rights but in the zoo, you are a complete enemy of the government if you ever claim your rights we’re trampled upon.

Through Nnamdi Kanu, the silent generation found their voice. They are now able to say “enough of the humiliation”.

Leaders of the Igbo nations are fighting tooth and nail to ensure he is murdered but all their plans remain unfruitful.


After many people found their voice because Nnamdi Kanu stood out for them, their voices were once again silenced after he was kidnapped in Kenya and repatriated to Nigeria illegally.

Nobody seems to say anything. Britain has refused to say anything about Kanu. Our leader is languishing in a cell under the custody of the DSS.

The silent generation that was once brought back to life is now on life support once again.

This is what leaders of Igboland are clamouring for. When they heard the news that Nnamdi Kanu was kidnapped in Kenya it was as if their worst enemy had been captured.

They thought that the re-arrest of Nnamdi Kanu will bring to an end the agitation for freedom.

Unfortunately, their thoughts were wrong. The silent generation Nnamdi Kanu fought for has regained their voice and today they are coming out in their numbers to tell the day government that enough is enough.

What happened on the 16th of August is a clear indication that there are people who want this Biafra even more than Nnamdi Kanu.

The DOS asked the Biafran people to stay back home on the 9th of August and later reviewed the order and told them that the sit at home was suspended. People refused to listen to the DOS. They told them (DOS) that they are ready to die for their leader.

This simply means not the ones silent generation has recovered their voices and today they can never be regarded as the silent generation but the SORO SOKÉ Generation


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