Sex Slavery in my Marriage (story of Mrs Williams)

‘Sex slavery in my marriage’ is the story of Mrs Williams on how she got married to a sex addict.

Sex slavery in marriage, how Mrs Williams nearly sued for divorce.

On Saturday evening I visited one of my older sisters who recently got married.

Honestly, the rice she prepared was something else. Though the food was a bit salty, I enjoyed every part of it.

While I entered the kitchen to wash the dishes, my sister’s friend visited looking unhappy.

“Why is your face like this? What is happening to you again?” My sister asked.

Though it is not like I am gossiping. The thing is that, while the kitchen is very close to the sitting room, the door was partially closed.

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The story Mrs Williams narrated to my older sister kept me wondering if some family matters are not supposed to remain family issues.

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According to Mrs Williams, she said she is becoming a sex slave in her marriage.

“My husband is a sex addict. Almost every day he wants to have sex” Mrs Williams complained.

“As of yesterday, we had sex more than 20 times. As I am talking to you, in-between my thighs are hurting me. If not that he went out to see one of his friends, trust me, he would have been on top of me by now”.

“Honestly, I want to end this marriage. I am tired of this sex slavery”.

“My husband would not allow me to work even with my certificate. He warned that he wouldn’t want me to work only to stay at home and satisfy his primary needs”.

“To be honest, if this sex slavery disguised as marriage continues, I wouldn’t have any other option but to sue for a divorce”.

My elder sister calmed her down and tried to enquire more about her marriage.

One would wonder why this lady is talking about her marriage with my elder sister. From my observation, it is obvious that these two young ladies are best of friends. They can even discuss their private lives confiding in each other.

My elder sister asked if he had been like this before marriage. And she said no.

According to her, they never had sex before marriage but she finally became a sex slave after their wedding night.

“I couldn’t make love with my husband when we were dating. You know all these things” she reminded my senior sister.

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“Yes I know”, my sister accepted. “But have you taken your time to know why he started requesting sex like food recently?” She asked.

“I don’t know, honestly,” she confessed.

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How to Avoid Sex Slavery in Your Marriage – My sister’s Advice

1. Control Your Style of clothing: You must try to control the way you dress.

Men they say are captivated by what they see while women are moved by what they hear.

Help your husband to control his urge for sex by wearing decent clothes.

Sex slavery as you tagged it, is only possible because you are playing a big part in it.

2. Call for Sexual Desire: How do you look at your husband when he is talking to you? What are the facial expressions that you put on whenever you are in a conversation with him?

This kind of sexual expression plays a great role in stimulating sexual desires in men.

If you are into doing this to your husband, trust me, you are playing a great role in sending yourself into sex slavery.

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3. Deny Him That Right When You are Not Ready: must you always open your legs for your husband at all times?

Are you not also aware that a man who forces himself on a woman has committed a rape offence?

Rape can also take place between married couples.

When you are not ready to make love with him, tell him you are not in the mood. If your husband loves you, he will acknowledge your healthiness.

Opening your legs continuously for him without retreat shows that you are enjoying sex slavery.

4. Not knowing what you want: it is still very much unfortunate and truthful that you don’t know what you want.

If you know what you want you wouldn’t have been converted into a sex slave in your matrimonial home.

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You are a bonafide graduate of the University of Lagos. A reputable higher institution in West Africa.

Someone who graduated with Second Class Upper and is in love with being a housewife, tell me the reason why sex slavery won’t be the order of the day in your house.

5. Get Something Doing: As long as you are not working, you will always remain a sec slave in your own home.

Do you know what it means to constantly have sex 10-20 times almost every day?

This is just two weeks after your marriage and you think this is the right way to go?

My friend, it is high time you started a business and or put into effect the certificate you got from your four years of study.

6. Talk to Your Husband: Don’t sit back and act as if all is well. All is not well!

Call your husband and tell him about your feelings. Make him understand the emotional and health implications of constant lovemaking.

Your husband is a learned man. Maybe it has not occurred to him that there are implications for this constant sexual intercourse.

Make him understand all these things. Your sitting down and talking as if all is well is getting me annoyed.

Ending your two weeks of marriage is absolute nonsense. To be truthful with you, I don’t like hearing this kind of story from anybody.

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It is very much possible that your husband lacks the knowledge of what women pass through especially when it comes to sex slavery in marriage.

Make him understand all these things.

Still in the kitchen, while my elder sister lectures her best friend on sex slavery

When I came out from the kitchen, they quickly changed the topic.

I understood what my sister was trying to protect, so I also played along.

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Unfortunately, I overheard everything. But it is never my fault.

My ears can’t be closed to hear things that could be helpful to me especially when I finally get married.

At least I have learnt that in marriage, a woman’s sexual interest should also be respected.

A man doesn’t have full control of his wife’s sexuality especially when it comes to issues relating to the bedroom.

They pretend to have been discussing a different topic not knowing that I overheard everything.

Since they acted to be fine with the different topics, I also urge you to pretend as if I did not tell you this story.

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You can go ahead to share this story but don’t tell the person you shared the story with that I told you this story.

Well thank God, I did not mention her name.

Hey, I just remembered I mentioned Mrs Williams earlier. Mrs Williams who? You don’t know, thank God.


Thanks for reading. This story is completely fictional but contains helpful information for married people. Feel free to share and leave a comment below. 

If you have additional information on how to stop sex slavery in marriages please share it with us via the comments section below.

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