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Rich Oganiru the Popular Nollywood Actor Is Dead
Late Nollywood Actor, Rich Oganiru

The sorrowful news that found its way to the internet was the news of the death of Rich Oganiru, a popular Nollywood actor.

Rich Oganiru was one of the best movie actors in the past two decades. He has featured in many interesting movies.

The actor died a few weeks after a video of his ill health went viral online. In the video, the popular actor was seeking financial assistance so that he can get proper medications.

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Two weeks ago, a video of the late actor, looking sick, lying in his bed and seeking financial assistance, surfaced online.

The video, shared by one of his colleagues, was captioned, “Please, everyone should reach out before he dies.”

The Imo born actor died on Tuesday, after being ill for months without funds to cater for his health.

Rich Oganiru’s Movie Career

His movie career spanned over two decades and he featured in more than 400 Nollywood home movies.

He featured in these movies before illness struck him. ‘Queen of Hasso Rock’, ‘Wasted Effort’, ‘Pay Day’, ‘Lacrima’, ‘Stoneface in Love’, ‘Givers Never Lack’, ‘His Majesty’, ‘My Destiny’, ‘Battle Of The Rich’, ‘Political Control’, ‘Touching Love’, ‘Total Control’, ‘Last Confession’ among many others.


Rich Oganiru has gone to meet his Creator and all in the entertainment industry are wishing him to rest in perfect peace.

What Happened To Rich Oganiru in 2012

In the year 2012, Rich Oganiru was accused of murdering his multimillionaire wife in Abuja, the federal capital territory of Nigeria.

After the allegation, the actor could no longer continue with his movie career any longer.

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Before his death, he was the Corporate Marketing Consultant to the Abuja Chapter of the Actors Guild of Nigeria.

He was also an Evangelist at the Davidical Order Ministry.

Rest in Peace Rich Oganiru. Find peace in the bosom of Abraham.

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Rich Oganiru is Dead. Popular Nollywood Actor dies