We Will Kill You And Blame It On IPOB And ESN: Police Threatens Man In Imo

The issue of police brutality in Imo state is becoming something else. Police threatened to kill Mr Cajethan and have it blamed on ESN and IPOB.

Mr Cajethan Obi is a native of Omagu Umuguma in Owerri West local government area of Imo State. Mr Cajethan shared with Ozisa FM astory about how he was dealt with by memebers of the Nigerian Police Force on Friday evening.

We Will Kill You and Blame It On IPOB and ESN: Police Threatens Man In Imo
Mr Cajethan Obi telling his story at Ozisa fm

He is also a businessman who owns and manages a block industry at Port Harcourt road opposite Pulton fuel station.

According to Cajethan, he has sold many of his properties to acquire the land.

What happened to him on Friday was beyond what his lips could tell.

“I have been hearing the story but today it happened to me”.

“While I was away, one of my boys at the workshop called me and asked me to quickly come to the block industry”.

“The way he sounded I sensed things were not fine”.

“I quickly boarded a motorcycle which took me straight to my block industry”.

“Before I could get there, my industry was already knocked to the ground by police officers who also came with a caterpillar”.

“I was short of words when I saw what had happened. I decided to record the event with my phone since the perpetrators are wearing their security inside out. Their vehicle had no plate number and the inscription on the car was ‘OPERATION SEARCH AND FLUSH’.

“When they noticed that I was recording them, they quickly rushed me and started beating me”.

“They beat me to the extent I started seeing myself leaving this world”.

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“They told me pop and plain that they will kill me here and drop a Biafran flag on me claiming that I was killed by IPOB and ESN”.

“When they finished with their operations, I saw them sharing money at the upper side of the road and it nearly brought a fight amongst them”.

“I remembered that one of my customers paid me 750 thousand Naira to supply blocks to him. On getting there, the money was nowhere to be found. The police officers stole the money after destroying my block industry”.

“I am begging Imolites to help me in fighting these problems” He concluded.

It’s unfortunate the way the police and army are handling things in this state.

How can they after beating the man claim it was the act of IPOB and their Eastern Security Network (ESN).

This operation was completely illegal. They had their uniform worn inside out. Their vehicle had no plate number and so on and so forth.

Imolites are really suffering a hell lot here in Imo state in the hands of security men.

After they are done carrying out their evil acts they will blame it on IPOB or ESN.

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