Philip’s Concubine Didn’t Start the War

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Philip's Concubine and the war in the region

The love Philip has for his concubine was so great that he couldn’t think of anything but to go and bring her back home.

This story of Philip’s Concubine you are reading is inspired by a true-life event

Philip’s concubine was a typical prostitute. She loves flirting around with men.

Philip never knew about this. He never knew that the woman he was about to get married to was a hardcore prostitute.

The day he found out, he was hospitalized. He fainted because he never would believe that his concubine would do such a thing to him.

When he regained consciousness and had his strength back, he sent her packing.


He sent her away back to her father’s house and vowed never to marry her again.

Unfortunately for Philip, his love for his concubine was more than he could imagine.

Every minute of the day he is thinking about her. At all times, the thought of her clustered his mind.

Because he cannot let go due to the strong love he had for his concubine, Philip set out to bring her back to his house.

He went to her family house, and she agreed to follow him back to his house.

She promised never to go back to her former life of promiscuity and also do what it would to put smiles on the face of her husband.

Philip and Concubine Returns Home

On their way back to their home, it was getting late. They couldn’t continue walking because it was very dark.

Philip and his concubine decided to make a little camp in the market square of the Shalaa community and spend the night there.

Silas, an indigene of Shelaa, was passing by and saw Philip and his concubine. He opted to help them since it was unsafe for them to sleep in the market square.

At first, Philip refused the offer but finally accepted because of his wife.

They followed Silas to his home and Silas provided them with food.

While they were eating, there was a knock on the. Silas went to see who was knocking and it was the 8 terrorists from the same family.

Over the years, there are 8 brothers from the same family known for terrorizing the people of Shalaa.

They always escape the community each time they come under attack by the community.

“We want the man who just entered your house so that we can know him (sleep with him)” they said to Silas.


“These people are my visitors and strangers in this land. You can’t hurt them because you don’t know anything about them” Silas objected.

While the heavy argument went on outside, Helen Philip’s Concubine) noticed that there was a tendency of them overpowering Silas and having their way to sleeping with her master.

Unfortunately, there is no way to escape except through the same door where the argument is going on.

She decided to offer herself to the men so that Silas and her master won’t be hurt.

Philip resisted but she insisted.

The 8 brothers knew the woman for a long time. The shared sexual intercourse continued till the woman’s last breath.

By the time they noticed she was dead, they left her and went back into their hiding place.

Philip was completely heartbroken. He took a Matchette and dismembered the body of his late concubine into twelve parts.

Each part he sent to the council of the sub-villages that made up his community.


The twelve sub-villages united against Shalaa after hearing Philip’s part of the story.

They approached the authorities in Shalaa to provide the eight brothers so that they could have their vengeance.

Shalaa refused to produce the eight brothers. On two occasions the twelve sub-villages were denied their demands.

The sub-villages gathered 4,000 soldiers and declared war against Shalaa.

Surprisingly, Shalaa defeated them with just 500 men. Shalaa went against them with another 2,000 men and defeated about 12,000.

“Something is wrong,” the authorities of the twelve sub-villages said within themselves.

They called on their Chief Priests and it was revealed to them why they lost the two-times war to a smaller community.

After making the necessary sacrifices to God, the Lord God went into battle against the people of Shalaa.

Shalaa was brought to their knees and the eight brothers were also killed.

The end…

Like I pointed out earlier, this story is inspired by a true-life event as recorded in the Bible (Judges Chapter 19 and Chapter 20).

This Story and the Biafran Story

The story of Philip and his concubine is a clear explanation of what is obtainable in today’s Nigeria.

The Fulanis will be a culprit of a very heinous crime but would be defended by their brothers in government.

Igbo leaders are busy clapping for their Fulani slave masters for capturing someone fighting for the freedom of the Igbos.

This time, it is like God is not seeing what is happening to the Igbos. Never should the enemies of Biafra rejoice for what is coming is bigger than their expectations.

The sub-villages did not go to war again against the people of Shalaa but God Himself did.

In the referenced Bible story, Shalaa represents the Benjamites where the eight brothers hailed from. While the twelve sub-villages represented the twelve tribes of Israel where Biafra of course hailed from.

God is still saying something.

For Biafra, no hope is lost as long as we serve a God who does things at His convenience.




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