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Nekenwa Stories online stories

Have you ever wondered where you can find interesting online stories? Nekenwa Stories is now there to make sure you search no more.

The internet has now made it simple and quick for one to get whatever he or she is looking for. This starts from learning anything and being anything.

That is to say, the internet can make you become whoever you want to be and do whatever you want to do. The only way to achieve this is if you are open to learning new ideas.

Nekenwa Stories is a story website that harbours different kinds of online stories.

The authors at Nekenwa Stories write more fictional stories than nonfiction.

From time to time, nonfiction stories are added to the site but more fictional stories are what readers are promised to get regularly.

Nekenwa Stories is the brainchild of Nekenwa Saviosantos. Saviosantos is that comedian that has not stopped being funny from birth.

Another interesting thing about Nekenwa is the fact that he is a teacher, lover of children and above all, a lover of God.

Mode of Story Creation at Nekenwa Stories

At Nekenwa Stories, fictional stories are created from happenings. According to Nekenwa Saviosantos in one of his discussions with Ikechukwu Daniel, he told him that he can create any story using any topic.

That is to say, he doesn’t just come up with a story but has a story to tell at all points in time.

This powerful storytelling website also shares helpful content on self-development. That is to say, if you are a subscriber of this website, you are also doing yourself the favour of getting helpful life tips. (Saviosantos would always warn that he is not a psychologist so try visiting one if you think you have a more serious case).

Online stories at Nekenwa Stories all have a moral message it passes at the end of the day. It would be unfortunate if you finished reading the entire story and never had any interest in knowing what you learnt from the story.

Every day has got a story. At Nekenwa Stories we try as much as possible to come up with intriguing stories.

The Kind of Online Stories Seen Here

  • Romance
  • Myth
  • Fantasy
  • Children’s story
  • Family
  • Adventure etc.

It, therefore, means that all our online stories are basically on anything and everything except contents marked 18+.

In order words, as part of our privacy policy, Nekenwa Stories distances itself from sharing Pornographic materials.

Some of our online stories might depict that via the title but completely mean a whole different thing when you read the story. The truth is, you can’t regret ever wanting to read the story.

Who can read our Online Stories?

Like we mentioned earlier, Nekenwa Stories distances itself from pornographic posts and stories that won’t yield any positive effect on our esteemed readers.

In a nutshell, everyone and anyone can read our online stories.

About Our Ebooks

At our marketplace, we sell great and interesting ebooks (stories) all at an affordable price.

So don’t worry about book prices. Buying our stories from our shop is like reading our stories for free.


To encourage our work and creativity, do well to buy our less expensive ebooks and also leave a review about the book.

Nekenwa Stories also promises to introduce more interesting stories as time goes on via our shop.

Feel free to visit our marketplace to grab the ones already available.

Return to our blog to read more stories or visit the homepage to see the whole website on one screen.


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