Nigeria Police Brutality in the Bush Area

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Nigeria Police Brutality in the Bush Area

It’s another case of Nigeria police brutality. A viral video of a police officer mercilessly beating up a married woman has surfaced on the internet.

In the video, the woman and her daughter/sister were seen with blood in their mouths courtesy of Nigeria police brutality.

The woman and her daughter/sister held the police officer by his clothes in such a way that he couldn’t release himself.

Even after the cameraman threatened to post the video on social media, the police officer encouraged him to do so.

What kind of a country would a police officer beat up a married woman and her daughter/sister without remorse.

As at the time of this post, the reason why the police officer was beating them was not related.

Also, the name and number of the police officer were not gathered.

The issue of Nigeria Police Brutality

We all know what happened to the #EndSARS protesters in 2020.

The case of Nigeria police brutality gave rise to the issue of the EndSARS protest.

I don’t need to remind you of how the protest was brought to an end.

Well, the benefit of those who are just reading about EndSARS for the very first time and have no idea of what is happening in Nigeria.

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The issue of #Endsars started in 2020 when Nigerian youths stood up in their numbers to condemn the issue of police brutality in the country.

In some cases, the Nigerian Police Force would arrest innocent citizens and claim they are criminals if they don’t pay up on time to release themselves.

It will become a worsening case if you are found with a dreaded hairstyle.

Also in some cases, when illegal bail charges are not reached, the police officers will kill the individual and still tell their family members that nothing will happen.

A young boy was killed by members of the Special Anti Robbery Squad, SARS, with the excuse that he was a Yahoo boy.

This sparked a heavy protest across the nation. The youths rose in anger to protest and demand the immediate disbandment of the deadly police unit (SARS).

Politicians who thought that the EndSARS protest was affecting their political career hijacked the protest by injecting their thugs amongst the peaceful protesters.

On the 20th of October 2020, a day that no Nigerian can ever forget, the blood of innocent Nigerians was shed at Lekki tollgate.

These killings by members of the Nigerian army caused fear among the Nigerian youths and that was how the protest died.

With the hope that what they clamoured for would come to fruition, the Nigerian government disbanded SARS theoretically but technically baptised it with a new name SWAT.

Till tomorrow, the Nigerian police brutality will never cease.

The video above still shows or tells the fact that the Nigerian police are still on via what the youths campaigned against.

The worst of it all is that they will brutalise innocent citizens and still tell them that nothing will happen.

The issue of Nigeria police brutality is a well-known case all over the world.

No member of the disbanded SARS was sacked, none of the soldiers who killed people at Lekki tollgate was arrested, none of the politicians’ thugs was arrested and the story continues.

Till tomorrow, Nigerians will continue to suffer in the hands of both officers of the law and the country’s leadership.

The best ways to solve Nigeria’s bad government issue and police brutality are either by the disintegration of the country, or a complete change of leadership and complete change of the country’s constitution.


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