Attack On NDA: The Presidency And Their Usual Promises

As usual, the presidency has once again promised that the victims of the NDA attacks won’t go in vain.

Till tomorrow, many reasonable Nigerians are still wondering how they came to be in this country.

The Nigeria Defence Academy (NDA) which happens to be the second most secure place in Nigeria after Also Rock if not the first, came under attack by the Fulani militia.

It was recorded that two of the NDA staff were murdered and Christopher Datong, a Major was kidnapped.

The perpetrators of this crime demanded Two Hundred Million Naira from the Nigerian government before he could be released.

Maybe the government did not meet the demands of the terrorists or maybe they paid them without informing the public.

The kidnappers of the Major killed him and the news surfaced on Wednesday.

NDA: The Presidency And Their Usual Unfulfilling Promises
Picture of murdered Major Christopher Datong and his pregnant wife

The attack took place on the Tuesday of that same week the major was killed.

The NDA attack recorded the death of three senior officers (all Christians) and none of the terrorists was captured.

Whoever believes that the federal government of Nigeria will keep to their promise of avenging the victims of the NDA attack should wake up from their slumber. The reason is that nothing of such nature will ever happen.

To put it clearly, there was no gun battle between the terrorists and the military.

It is then obvious that the killers had some set of people in mind. They attacked the NDA and achieved their purpose.

It took the president of the federation more than 24hours to speak on the evil meted on the military force.

Unfortunately, he did not talk but rather the handlers of his social media platforms spoke on his behalf.

The truth is that the president of Nigeria cannot speak to the people publicly without undergoing serious training on what to say to the masses.

This country is turning into African-Afghanistan. Nigeria is about witnessing what happened in Afghanistan. A situation where a terrorist group (Taliban) took over the Afghanistan government.

The baby-like treatment the Nigerian government gives to their Fulani kinsmen proves the fact that Nigeria will soon be converted to an Islamic state.

Unfortunately, those who are supposed to be speaking up against this crime against humanity are busy fighting against the people carrying out their supposed responsibilities.

The leaders of the Eastern region have decided to make themselves enemies of the people.

They should never worry. For who God is with, nobody can be against.

The tears of the innocents are heard in heaven. The blood of those killed for no reason has gotten to Heaven. Wait for the Lord God of Israel is still saying something.

He who laughs last laughs best.

Ka Chineke chewaba anti.

Isee isee isee…

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