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My village Soup (short romance story)

After my last examination on a Friday, I decided to travel to my village to stay with my grandmother and equally enjoy her most delicious village soup.

This is the story of How Damian met his wife over a pot of his village soup.

It’s been a while since I last travelled to Umuaka, my village.

First of all, it was a very big issue finding a vehicle that would transport me to my village.

I have long missed my village soup and I can’t afford to miss out again especially now that I am done with my second-year examinations.

At the flyover, it was a very difficult situation to find a car moving to Orlu or Umuaka.

Finally, a bus showed up and now I am 89 percent sure that I can eat my most missed village soup.

When we approached the Umuaka police station, behold the road under construction.

It would also be of great interest if I told you that the new roads the Supreme Court Governor of Imo state was constructing are gradually piling off.

Well sorry, that’s what the people of Imo state have been reduced to these days.

I finally arrived in my village where I met my grandmother at her shop.

She was so happy to receive me and before I could know what was happening, she went inside to bring my favourite village soup.

The soup was consummated and she needed to prepare another new one.

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Unfortunately, she is too busy to prepare any new village soup for me and unfortunately for me, I don’t know how to prepare the soup either.

Village Soup Magic

Amanda, a granddaughter of one of my grandmother’s female friends, opted to prepare the soup for us.

Amanda visited my grandmother with her grandmother.

She schools at Lagos State University and she has been in town since two weeks ago.

My grandmother resisted but Amanda insisted. Everything was available for the preparation of the village soup but the problem becomes, who will cook the soup.

Finally, my grandmother allowed Amanda to have access to her kitchen so that she could prepare the soup.

I decided to join her in the kitchen so that I can also learn how to prepare this village soup.

But the big question is, did I opt to join her in the kitchen so that I can learn how to prepare the soup?

The truth is, I was gradually falling in love. Her beauty took me off balance and was irresistible.

While in the kitchen and preparing the delicious village soup, I started the conversation.

We started with school stuff and went into matters relating to relationships.

How I managed to ask her out kept me wondering. She smiled over it and that was a great sign something was to happen.

After the preparation of the soup was complete, we ate together and for the very first time, I thought I was married.

The way we ate and fed each other was like we had started dating or already having a family.

My village soup, which is one of the best soups in the world, brought Amanda and me together.

Our parents knew about our relationship and it wasn’t a hidden thing anymore.

We patiently waited until we graduated from the higher institution.

I was in her school when she finished writing her final year examinations.

On that fruitful day, I became a new person when she said yes to my proposal.

Yes, I proposed to her on the day she finished writing her final year examinations.

We are married and are blessed with three kids, a boy and two girls.

I also forgot to mention that on our wedding day, our guests in my village made soup delicacy.

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My village Soup (short romance story)