My New York girlfriend - story of a Yahoo boy
My New York girlfriend

All she wanted was me. At all times, my New York girlfriend would want nothing but to hear my voice.

My name is Simon and I was a Yahoo boy. Yes, I was, that completely means I am no longer a Yahoo boy.

I was thinking that all white ladies are the same. The same in the sense of dizzy brained and easy to convince into falling in love.

Though it was my first time and my first day as a Yahoo boy.

I got a female friend from New York. Usually, none of my friends from overseas on Facebook reply to my messages not until when I receive a ‘hey’ response from a friend.

To me, I concluded that I have successfully caught a scapegoat who will pay my bills.

We introduced ourselves and it was shocking when she asked me to upload my real picture.

At first, I thought she was kidding. The truth is that I was using the face of a British man to scam people.

I decided not to talk to the lady from New York until after one month when she hit my inbox again.

She appeared special and darling to me. I decided to use my real identity. I intended to scam her with my real identity.

I deleted all the White man’s pictures I was impersonating and decided to appear real.

My whole chat focused on Irene. It will shock you to know that she was quick to say yes to me when I asked her to be my girlfriend.

Our online dating lasted for another three months.

My birthday was approaching and she was aware of it.

She requested my account details. The moment I’ve long waited for was already on my face.

The day when I can finally get money from my victim was here.

Unfortunately, I declined her request. I told her that I won’t accept anything from her because my love for her was beyond gifts.

Do you want to know if I truly mean to reject the money she was about to send me? The answer is yes.

I have grown to love Irene and collecting money from her in the form of scamming her and going offline is no longer on my list.

In short, because of Irene, I have decided to stop scamming people and turn a leaf.

She insisted over and over again that I sent her my account details so she could send me some happy birthday gifts through cash but I vehemently denied her such possibilities.

Though she was mad at me, we reconciled after one month.

My mom was very sick and when I informed her about it, she insisted on helping.

Even though I refused her help, she still did. How she managed to get in touch with my elder sister and send her the money is something I never knew.

My elder sister is not on Facebook nor any social media so how could she get to know my elder sister let alone getting her bank account details.

She refused to answer any of these questions.

It was exactly two weeks after my mother recovered from her illness. Irene called me to inform me that she was in Nigeria.

The shocking news of my life that was. I couldn’t believe her at first, not until she made a video of herself around the airport.

We made arrangements so she could come to Imo state and when that was possible, my New York girlfriend visited my hometown in Obibiezana, a remote village in Olakwu, Owerri North Local Government Area, Imo state.

For the very first time I, am meeting Irene, my New York girlfriend.

We hugged each other like we were never sure of seeing each other the next day.

My parents got to know her, my elder sister and other members of the family got to know her.

Before them, I proposed to Irene. Nobody expected the response she gave. It was a big Yes.

We planned on getting married. She made my flight documents readily available and that was how I boarded a flight outside Nigeria for the very first time.

My New York girlfriend - story of a Yahoo boy
Welcome to New York City

I got to New York to meet my future New York in-laws and to my greatest surprise, they gave us their blessings.

I thought even after hearing the story of how I met their daughter, that I would be thrown out of their house like some piece of garbage but my thoughts were wrong.

We planned on getting married and my family was allowed to come to New York so that they could witness the marriage in person.

That was how I got married to my New York girlfriend who doubles as the manager of All Village Bank, New York. Sorry I didn’t mention that earlier.

It’s another fictional story from Nekenwa Saviosantos. Feel free to criticize the story and don’t forget to do away with any form of familiarity this story might have posed in the course because they are completely coincidental.

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