Mason Greenwood Not Happy With Results

Mason Greenwood celebrates against Southampton
Mason Greenwood celebrates after scoring against Southampton

The match against Southampton on Sunday was a great disastrous end for many Manchester United fans.

Mason Greenwood went ahead to inform his followers that he wasn’t happy with the result of the match.

Manchester United drew 1-1 against Southampton on Sunday and many Manchester United fans kicked against it.

They expected more from the Red Devils but unfortunately, were turned down.

So far, Manchester United has levelled with Arsenal on 27 undefeated away games on a stretch and looking forward to toppling them.

United will be looking forward to playing against the Wolves and they hope something good turns out of it.

Mason Greenwood levelled the goal against Southampton through Paul Pogba’s awesome assist.

To Greenwood, the goal was not enough because the result at the end of the game wasn’t what they expected.

The fans expected more from the team but they were disappointed.

Maguire has also regretted the scores at full-time and promised better results in their next game.

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