I get hungry easily but I don’t worry about it because I’ve got a way to make easy foods.

Foods are very essential products that we need for survival. They are very important for our all-round growth and development.

Easy food making is something that I learnt from my family while growing up. Thought it would be cool if I taught you.

Do you know that you can leave your house in the morning without eating anything and return later in the day very hungry?

What happens if you don’t have money to buy yourself breakfast or lunch? What also happens if there is no food left at all at home?

Many people do not have the hope of eating anything when they get back home.


We talked about how to make easy food especially when you are extremely hungry.

Some people so much despise the consumption of Garri (an African style of food nicknamed ‘cassava flakes’).

Garri is a very nice food especially for those who understand what it does to the human body.

It is a starchy food and gives you enough strength to work during the day.

Though it is never advisable to eat Garri in the morning because it reduces your working capacity. In short, garri will make you feel sleepy even if you are supposed to be serious at work.

The best time to eat garri is in the afternoon. By this time, you need something heavy to give you enough strength to work for the whole day.


Garri is often eaten with soup. There are many kinds of soup ranging from egusi (melon seed) soup, offor, achi, ora, ogu etc (names of soup mentioned are Indigenous to Igbo communities).

How to Make Easy Food from Garri (when you are very hungry)
Easy food made from garri

How To Make Easy Food With Garri

The making of drinkable garri (cassava flakes) shouldn’t replace your need to consume a balanced diet.

If you think you are very hungry and don’t have enough money to prepare yourself a good delicacy, opting for garri will go a long way. See how it is done.

  • Get garri (the quantity you can finish)
  • You will need water so get water.
  • Bring a plate and spoon
  • Get sugar and powdered milk (you can also use the liquid form of milk but I usually recommend powdered milk for NO SPECIAL REASONS).
  • Buy groundnuts

How to Prepare Your Easy Food

Watch this comedy video by Saviosantos on how to make garri without feeling intimidated by commercially made foods.

comedy video by Saviosantos on making easy food from garri

Below are the steps to follow when making your own easy food using garri.

  1. Put garri (the quantity you can consume) inside the plate.
  2. Add enough water and stir with the spoon.
  3. Filter the lightweight flakes sailing on the water.
  4. Add a little water to the sieved garri.
  5. Add sugar (to your taste)
  6. Add milk or chocolate (anyone available).
  7. Stir once and again and your easy food made from garri is ready for consumption.

NOTE: Please avoid using hot water to avoid condensation. If you use hot water to mix with your garri, it will automatically become stiff in seconds making it undrinkable.

How to make easy food using gari (cassava flakes) shouldn’t replace the need to eat a balanced diet. This article was made possible so that we can fight hunger quickly while we wait for the availability of a well-prepared meal.

Hope this was helpful. Kindly leave us a reply via the comments section.

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