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In the land of the gods shall the Cleansing Take Place (Latest Story)

The land of our forefathers has been so polluted that the gods are angry we must cleanse it.

For us to stay alive and be able to experience the survival of our children’s children, we must travel to the land of the gods.

Our farmlands no longer survive during the rainy season. We only wait for the dry season to come before we can have our plants nourished

Things turned upside down in our community. Our land was soaked in the pool of uncertainties.

The gods are so mad at us that they have decided to overwhelm us with this kind of punishment

While others witness the nourishment of their plants in the rainy season, we experience nothing but a different thing.

Our land was so messed up that nothing nearly survived.

There is nothing we can do but to call for the cleansing of our land.

What have we done to deserve this punishment from the gods?

The gods have refused to answer this question after many months of the query. The custodian of the gods has recently come under attack so that they could reveal to us what we have done to deserve this.

It was finally revealed that we were led by the perpetrator of the evil that has befallen us.


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  2. My dad and the Seven-headed serpent.
  3. Mama and Papa fighting their usual fight

Lovers of our kingdom left to make enquiries from people living outside the land. They went to acquire why we are facing this unmerited punishment from the gods.

They met Ogidigidi, the great Oracle of Hebus. Ogidigidi revealed to them that the gods were angry with our community.

He told them that our king connived with the Chief Priest to commit a very serious calamity.

The king killed his only girl child. He was lured into doing it by the chief priest who told him that it was the only possible means to be the greatest king that ever lived.

At night, the king drugged his daughter. While she was asleep, the king raped her to death. He opened her skin and blood flowed.

He drank from the running blood and the chief priest who was also at the palace where the calamity took place, congratulated him as the strongest man in the universe.

Because of the part the chief priest played in this crime, the gods have refused to reveal anything to him.

The king of my kingdom must be forced to pay for his evil crime with his own life. While the Chief Priest will also sacrifice himself at the shrine of the gods.

His Majesty must cleanse the land with his blood but this shall be done in the land of the gods.

The king and the wish of the gods

The three elder statesmen who travelled to far kingdoms to ascertain the reason for the anger of the gods came back with shocking news from the gods.

The king refused to listen to them. He even went as far as sending assassins to eliminate the people who went in search of solutions to our predicaments.

The Chief Priest connived with the king once again to hide from the people their abominable acts.

Two among the three statesmen who went in search of a solution to our problems were massacred in one night. The third person escaped an attempted murder. That night assassins visited his home.

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He woke up at midnight to ease himself. He went to the nearest bush. To his greatest shock, five abled men with their faces covered entered his hurt.

They didn’t see him. One of them informed others that they needed to return to the king and report their latest achievement.

That was how he came to know that the king was after his life.

The next morning, he called the village youth leader to get all the youths to stage a protest.

In the course of meeting with the youth leader, another news of two elder statesmen were gruesomely murdered last night was heard.

This pushed for the hastiness in finding the fastest way to dethrone the king and make him enter the forest of the gods. The gods have decided he dies in their land and that is the only solution to our problems.

He was able to meet with the youth leader. He was also able to convince him into conveying the village youths.

Men came out from their hut. Those who never liked the king’s leadership style all came out to stage a protest against the king.

As expected, the king unleashed his warriors on the angry protesting youths.

The warriors through their leader refused to obey the command of the king. This came as a big shock to the king. He was betrayed by his most trusted chief warrior.

The angry youths were multiplied by the palace warriors who clamped down on the king and his household.

They ensured that the king was led to the boundary between the human land and the land of the gods.

Within seconds after he entered the land of the gods, no one saw him again. The thunderstruck indicated that something had happened.

The Chief Priest tried to escape but unfortunately for him, the youths were everywhere.

Everybody monitored him slice his throat at the shrine of the gods.

The cloud became darker and within some period, it began to rain.

Because of the king and Chief Priest’s abominable act, we never received rain during the rainy season but now, everything has normalized.

Our community is cleansed finally and that was how we escaped the impending wrath of the gods.

The End…..


story and the characters involved are fictitious and do not contain any form of reality. Please regard every form of familiarity as a mere coincidence.

Thanks for reading…..

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In the Land of the Gods Shall the Cleansing Take Place (Latest Story)