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The Hades Return of the King (Another Short Story)

The return of the king of Athens from Hades caused much fear in the minds of his enemies.

The enemy’s plan was for the king never to return from Hades that was why they bribed the gatekeeper.

No innocent man goes to Hades and spends a night there. The enemies of Athens already want to bring to an end the reign of the Mighty king Raf.

They poisoned him and bribed the gatekeeper never to unlock the gate of Hades until after seven days.

In Athens, no dead person is buried until after two days. The reason for this is to wait and see if he or she will return to the living.

Immediately the king was poisoned, his killers quickly got to the gatekeeper to bribe him. The gate to Hades is always open for those who are going in (newly died) and those coming out (returning to life).


Hades is a place of salvation and destruction (According to this story’s definition). When you die a bad person, you will be sent to the hottest part of Hades where you will burn for eternity. When you die a good person, you shall live with joy alongside Zatra.

Zatra is a god recognised by the Athenian citizens as the only being to worship and also regarded as their maker (according to this story).

He punishes bad people by sending them to the hot part of Hades and gives salvation to those who did well before they die.

For two days, the king was lying dead on his bed. People waited anxiously for the return of the king.

Unfortunately, after two days, their king did not return from Hades. Tears flowed. The citizens queried why a good man would die just like that.

People doubted the gods were right in taking their king. They questioned the justification of their king’s death.

The body of the king was taken up to the mountains to be cremated.

Tears of the people were never enough to bring the king back to life.

The funeral was about to take place. Gatuse, one of the king’s councils, gave the funeral oration.

In his note, he read about the good deeds of the king and how they grew up as best friends. After a long note, the Priest blessed the body of the king and the order was given for the king to be cremated.

The wife of the king was the person to light the fire. As she drew close with a stick of fire, she cried so loudly. People held her and consoled her.

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When she finally got hold of herself, she went back to the body of her lifeless husband. She placed the fire on the king but the fire quenched before it got to the king’s body.

They gave her another fire and the same thing repeated. After the third attempt, which met the same fate, everyone became scared.

“What could be happening?” They wondered.

The Hades Return of the King

There were repeated thunderclaps and this frightened the people even more. The king opened his eyes and struggled to stand up.

“Look the king has returned from Hades” a little child shouted pointing at the struggling king.

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People were amazed that the king was back alive. He has broken a record. Instead of waking up within two days of his death, he woke up on the day fixed for his burial which was the fifth day after his death.

The king ordered the arrest of his wife, Gatuse and Jequin. These were the people behind his untimely death.

At Hades, he was opportune to know how he lived his life on earth and how his wife and some of his trusted members in council orchestrated his death.

The return of the king from Hades brought back happiness among the people. Those who planned the untimely death of the king were beheaded before the whole citizens of Athens.

Joy returned to Athens after the king returned from Hades and resumed his duty as the great leader of Athens.

The End……

This story, names and places mentioned are completely fictitious and don’t contain any atom of truth. Please regard every form of familiarity as a mere coincidence….

Thanks for reading.

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