Guardians of the money market (short story)

Guardians of the money market

Once upon a time in England, a mighty king owned a money market. Because of fear of insubordination, he sorted for the service of guardians who will serve as the guardians of the money market.

People from different places come to this spot to buy and sell monies of different currencies.

The king concluded at making himself a creditor and every form of money borrowing must be done through him and his money market was booming.

No one can start a business in England without coming to borrow from him. Whether you have enough capital to start up a business, you must come to him and deposit some amount of money. The money to deposit will depend on the size of the business you wish to start running.

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This king made life more miserable for the English people. When the people stood up to protest against this inhuman treatment, the fearless king introduced a new military outfit which he called ‘Guardians of the Money Market’ GMM).

The function of the ‘Guardians of the Money Market’ was to guide activities that go on during the lending and borrowing process.

They go to demand the money borrowed when the agreed date elapses.

If unfortunately, you do not have the money to repay, the guardians of the money market shall have the freedom to deal with you as they so desire.

Their torture will subdue you to looking for money to pay off your debt.

Guardians of the money market became more fearful and unfriendly daily. Soldiers of England were more friendly to the people compared to the GMM.

Normally, people are supposed to fear the soldiers more due to the kind of training they undergo but in this case, soldiers are even afraid of the Guardians.

Due to their molestations and the fear they inflict on people, they go-ahead to do anything without fear of its repercussions.

The GMM takes people’s stuff by force without giving a damn to what is to happen next.

This is the fate of the English people. Under the rain of the almighty King Roar, the citizens of England suffered a great deal.

Guardians of the Money Market and Women

People thought that with the way they operated, women would not be affected. Unfortunately for the people who believed in such a fallacy.

The Guardians of the money market never spared anyone when carrying out their mischievous activities.

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Women suffer it the most. If maybe a woman borrows money from the king and doesn’t pay back as at when due, the king will conclude on what to do with her.

Either to make her his next wife or next concubine or to just sleep with her. She must pay within a specific number of years even after having carnal knowledge of her.

Whether she is married or not, whatever the king concludes becomes law.

If the king finally sleeps with the woman and discards her, the men in the GMM will have their turn via sleeping with her. If the ladies in the money market security group love having sex with their fellow women (lesbians), that means that the king has perfected a great opportunity for them.

The evils perpetrated by the Guardians of the Money Market were so alarming that people prayed for the quick end of the world or the death of the king.

No one was ready to borrow money from the king but unfortunately, no form of business can take place without the king having a cut of the capital.

Dogan Joins the Guardians of the Money Market

Dogan, a well-respected fisherman in England, decided to join the GMM.

People hated him suddenly as he had joined the enemies of the people against the people.

The king and all his security were tagged as the enemies of the people. Dogan joining the GMM was a huge blow for the people of England.


On many occasions Dogan has criticised the king and the activities of his Guardians.

Unfortunately, the mouth that criticised the bitterness of a beer is still the same mouth that is drinking it.

No one knew why Dogan joined the GMM. He followed them to carry out their heinous activities. One thing he never did was allow himself or his comrades to sleep with the women the king discarded.

They (his colleagues) queried him for insubordination. Because he was a guardian with no ranks, he was subjected to painful torture.

After the torture, he was demoted to the least rank which was as a cleaner in the palace.

He was made in charge of cleaning the king’s chambers. That is to say, Dogan became a cleaner in the king’s palace and the person to clean the king’s chambers.

The Fall of the GMM

For two months Dogan worked as a cleaner in the palace. His two months as a cleaner was enough time to see to the downfall of the great king.

To bring down the reign of king Roar is never a one day stuff. It took him months to perfect the plans.

While he worked as a guardian of the money market he still reached out to trusted friends who aided him in bringing down the evil reign of the king.

He started by planning the death of the General of the GMM. His Seconds in Command was also killed in an ambush.

The Guardians of the Money Market knew that there was a conspiracy and someone wanted to wipe them all out.

None could ever believe that the one-time fisherman who became a GMM and now a cleaner in the palace could be the brain behind the death of the great general of the guardians and his second in command.

Things were becoming rusty. The king no longer sleeps as his two strongest soldiers are killed like mere goats.

The security of the GMM tightened as investigation about the death of their late General and the second in command went on.

While the investigation was going on, more high ranked Guardians were meeting their end.

Guardians of the Money Market began to resign one after the other. The king’s defence was gradually losing hold.

When the people realised what was going on in the palace, a revolution was initiated. The people in their numbers matched to the palace.

Those who stood to fight for the king saw themselves fighting with other soldiers who had for long hated the rulership styles of the king. They were only scared of not losing their lives if they spoke up.

The king and all members of his household were finally captured alongside the remnants of his Guardians who refused to repent.

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They burnt all of them alive and made Dogan king after finding out that he was the brain behind their liberation.

Dogan led the people of England for 20 years before handing it over to his son who also led England in the footsteps of his father.

The reign of Dogan brought to an end the reign of tyranny in England.

The End….

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