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My grandson gave me monkey bread to eat.
Monkey Bread

One of our guests, Lady Eunice, shares her story of how she fought her grandson for giving her monkey bread.

Eunice is an Igbo-African woman whose children by the grace of God made money and all relocated abroad.

One of her sons who lives in New York City invited her over to spend at least one month with them in the US.

In Eunice’s story, we gathered that her family was once the poorest in the community before God remembered them.


Lady Eunice and Her grandson on Monkey Bread

“This God is too great,” she said happily.

“My family was one of the poorest families in my community. Sometimes, we go out to borrow money from our neighbours”.

“Sometimes we are castigated for not being able to provide our food. My husband died and left the children under my care”.

“We struggled for quite a long time to survive. My two sons did not attend secondary school due to the obvious reasons”.

“I was able to start a job for both of them. After my first son completed his one-year training on how to sell clothes, his boss settled him to start his own business”.

“His business was gradually booming. Before we could know what was happening, he started importing and exporting foreign clothes”.

“In his business, he never failed to connect his little brother who also became prosperous like him”.

“Jacob, who is my second son, relocated to the United States“.

“After a few years, he got married and had kids. His first son was seven years old when I visited them”.

“According to my second son, he said his children were disturbing him, begging him to bring their grandmother. They cried regularly that they wanted to see their grandmother”.

“We only talk or see each other through phone calls or video calls and those are the only opportunities we have to see ourselves”.

“My son made all the arrangements so that I could come to the United States”.

“On my arrival at the New York airport, it was a very big welcome. My grandchildren that I have not seen since they gave birth to them are finally around me including their father and mother”.

“Two days later, one of my grandsons (the first son) brought some tiny piece of bread for me to eat”.

“After tasting two, its sweetness took over my sense of reasoning. It was so sweet that I forgot to ask my grandson if he cared for any”.

“I asked him what kind of bread this was and he said it was monkey bread”.

“Monkey what? I asked. And he said that I just ate monkey bread”.

“Honestly, I was infuriated with my grandson. How can he give me monkey bread to eat? No wonder the bread looks tiny like goat shit”.

“When my son heard from the inside the sound of my voice, he hurriedly came out to know why I was shouting”.

“I told him that his son has succeeded in killing me. No one was able to kill me when I was in the village but my grandson has done it”.

“My son asked me what the problem was and I told him that his son gave me monkey-shit to eat” (she laughs).

“He enquired what I meant by monkey-shit and I told him to ask his son while I was holding my stomach like someone having an aching stomach”.

“Jacob told his father that he gave grandma monkey bread and after eating it and testifying how sweet it was, she started shouting after he told her that it was monkey bread that he gave her”.

“My son began to laugh. Why he was laughing was making me feel embarrassed. I requested him to explain why he was laughing in a serious matter like this”.

“My son couldn’t stop or hold himself from laughing even after apologising for laughing”.

“He finally told me that the bread I ate was not monkey-shit but called monkey bread”.

Why was it Called Monkey Bread?

He said it is called monkey bread because of the method in which it is eaten: picking off chunks of buttery, gooey dough with your fingers, just like a monkey eating his meal”.

“The origin of the term “monkey bread” comes from the pastry being a finger food; the consumer would pick apart the bread as a monkey would”.

“After all these explanations, I requested how to prepare it and he said no until I apologized to my grandson”.

“That shouldn’t be a request. My grandson deserves to be apologized to. I knelt before him and told him I was sorry. My little boy hugged me and kissed my cheek”.

“Can I learn how to prepare the monkey bread? I asked my son and he said that I will need to wait till when his wife returns because she is the only person that knows how to do it”.

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How I Fought My Grandson for Giving Me Monkey Bread – Lady Eunice