The Goddess of Njaba River (Episode 2)
Episode 2

The sudden appearance of the chief priest to the goddess of Njaba River was a sign of trouble.

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Nekenwa Saviosantos

“This marriage must not hold” the chief priest instructed.

“But why eyes of the gods?” Ugwuonma’s father enquired.

“He (pointing at Chibueze) has been chosen by Irenma the goddess of Njaba River,” he said authoritatively.

“You lie!” Chibueze flamed upon the Chief Priest. “Go and tell your so-called goddess of Njaba River that I Chibueze is not and will never be married to her,” he said.

“How dare you challenge the goddess of Njaba?” The chief priest asked, looking more angered.

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“I said (in an ascending voice), go and tell your goddess that I Chibueze will not and will get married to her. If she is looking for who to marry, there are many men in the marine world. She can choose from there or better still, choose another man because the heart of this Chibueze you are seeing already belongs to another” he concluded.

The Chief Priest vanished into thin air and everyone was astonished at the way Chibueze spoke to the Chief Priest of the goddess of Njaba River.

“My son, you shouldn’t have spoken in such a manner to the Ezenmuo (Chief Priest)” Ugwuonma’s father advised.

Without uttering further words, he told his family that he was leaving. They stood up immediately and followed him.

Doom is about falling upon the people of Emezie. They knew what they passed through decades ago when the request for a new husband was made by the goddess of Njaba River.

People died mysteriously, Emezie lost so many battles even paths of their lands were seized by even weaker villages.

People forced Eto into accepting to marry the goddess and that brought to an end the vulnerability of the Emezie kingdom.

Their once seized lands were recovered and the kingdom of Emezie returned to its glorious days.

The repeat of history is what they can’t afford again. Efforts were made to force Chibueze into marrying the goddess.

Every advice to make him change his mind from marrying Ugwonma dies on arrival.

“Your highness, I can’t believe that of all the people that are encouraging me to marry the goddess of Njaba River you are one of them,” he said.

“My son is not as if I am not interested in what makes you happy. But you know that the will of the general public supersedes the will of an individual” the king said.

“So you’re telling me that if the goddess had chosen you, you would have preferred to marry her instead of the Queen, your wife? He queried.

“This is a different ballgame. Because it concerns the safety of our people, I will do it” the king said.

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“I see, well your highness, sorry to disappoint you. I am not you and will never be you. I am in love with someone else. Why can’t the goddess of the Njaba River understand the fact that the person she claims to love doesn’t love her?” He asked.

“You of all people know the gravity of the offence of not getting married to the goddess,” the king reminded him.

“The goddess remarries every ten years to a new husband. That is to say, for centuries, she has been getting married to different men every ten years. Your highness, this is not marriage it is advanced barbarism” he said.

“Silence! You dare not speak evil against the protector of our land” the Chief Priest said, appearing from nowhere.

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“It is better that you are here so that we can sort this out once and for all,” Chibueze said.

“You must marry the goddess of Njaba River in the next seven days or else!

“Or else what?” Chibueze challenged.

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