Goddess of Njaba river episode 1

Just like the people of Nnenassa would say, “Agbara nwanyi nmiri Njaba Mara nma nwanyi” (the goddess of Njaba river is a beautiful lady).

The goddess has picked interest in one of the young men but his identity is not yet revealed

Ezenmuo (the Eyes of the gods) has revealed to the council of chiefs that the goddess of the great Njaba river has chosen whom her husband would become.

Though the goddess has not made the identity of this man known.

There was a sign of relief among the chiefs as the goddess has finally chosen a man she will marry.

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In the land of Nnenassa, the goddess must choose a man to marry; if she doesn’t find any, the entire community will burn in her unending anger.

The Chief Priest told the elders that within days, the face of the man she is interested in will be revealed.

It has always been the dream of every man in Nnenassa to be married to the goddess of the Njaba river.

Unfortunately, the man must die to assume immortality.

Though, many of the men who hoped for this opportunity do not give a damn if they died or not. What is more important to them is what they stand to gain.

What they stand to gain is immortality and having a say in the Marine world.

Chibueze is spotted singing and dancing with Ugwuonma in her compound. Ugwuonma’s father returned from the farm and met his future son-in-law playing with his daughter.

“Papa welcome,” they greeted. “Thank you, my children,” he responded.

They helped him bring down the heavy firewood he was carrying on his head.

“Papa, why don’t you stop carrying this kind of load? You know it is not good for your health, you are not getting any younger oo” Chibueze advised.

“My son, I only do this so that I won’t be old and also be a problem to my family. The more I work, the more I remain strong” he concluded.

Chibueze is now short of words as the old man has thrown him off balance.

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Ugwuonma got water for her father to drink and also prepared water for him to take his bath.

When she took the water to the bathroom where he can have his bath, she returned to Chibueze and they continued from where they stopped.

To Mr Ugwu, he has found a perfect match for his daughter and to Ugwuonma, in Chibueze she has found the right man for her.

Chibueze has not seen any reason why he should stop loving Ugwuonma. Even his mother initially criticised her family but later began to love Ugwuonma because of her character.

It was as if everything was going just as planned.

Chibueze and his kinsmen have prepared to visit Ugwuonma’s father and her kinsmen so that they could ask for her hand in marriage.

They all got ready and set out for the home of Ugwuonma.

Even Ugwuonma’s father and his kinsmen patiently waited for their would-be in-laws to arrive.

Nobody was happier than Ugwuonma whom everyone now knows is getting married to one of the influential farmers in Nnenassa.

The would-be in-laws have already arrived with lots of needed items that are needed when getting married to a woman.

Normally, the visitors were welcomed by Ugwuonma’s family. He presented them with collar nuts.

After they ate the collar nuts, the kinsmen of Chibueze stated their reasons for coming.

Ugwuonma’s family called out on Ugwuonma to enquire if she knows who Chibueze is.

It is normal in their tradition for a father-in-law to pretend as if he doesn’t know the man that is coming to marry his daughter.

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She nodded her head gradually and ran back inside as it was completely noticed that she was shy.

From her acceptance, it is now obvious that the lady was aware that some people were coming to ask for her hand in marriage.

While they were discussing marriage rights, the chief priest to the goddess of the Njaba river appeared and countered their discussion.

Episode Two……..


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