Gaba Shehu Might Have Mistaken Umahi for Uzodimma

Gaba Shehu claimed Umahi received money from Buhari where as Uzodimma is acting positively

Lately in the month of August, the Senior Special Assistant, Media and Publicity have claimed that Muhammadu Buhari’s led government gave Umahi of Ebony state a whopping amount of 6 billion Naira with regards to RUGA.

Governor Umahi, in a prompt response, denied receiving such an amount from the federal government.

Umahi threatened to take Gaba Shehu to court so that he would prove to the world when and how he received the money from the federal government.

The Ebony state governor went ahead to re-emphasize that the state has not had enough land for ranching of any kind.

He said that if the citizens of Ebony prefer to start a ranching business, they can decide that on their own.

Recall that some years ago, the federal government of Nigeria tried to impose the issue of ranching in the country.

People of the South vehemently rejected the policy since it was perceived that the government wanted to take away their land by force through the means of a deceiving ranching policy.

The Fulani herdsmen are the people this policy will favour if implemented.

The people of the South rejected the RUGA policy because the Fulani herdsmen are not a cooperative set of human beings.

They enter the land of people and completely dislodge the owners of the land. They destroy peoples crops and even go-ahead to destroy peoples farmlands.

Any form of confrontation by landowners marks the end of such landowners.

Over the years since the second tenure of Muhammadu Buhari, the Fulani herdsmen have turned into another most deadly element in the country.

Despite peoples consistent rejection of the proposed RUGA, the federal government had insisted on implementing RUGA in the southern part of the country.

To all reasonable minds, it is a clear indication that the Buhari led government is in complete support of the killings perpetrated by his kinsmen, the Fulani herdsmen.

Gaba Shehu claimed that the Ebony state government received 6 billion Naira from the federal government to implement RUGA in his state.

The state government of Ebony denounced this allegation and threatened to take the SSA on Media and Publicity to court.

Taking Gaba Shehu to court will prove to the Nigerian citizens and Ebony state indigenes that the allegation against their governor was false.

How Gaba Shehu Might Have Mistaken Umahi for Uzodimma

The governor of Imo state speaking on Channels TV informed the whole Imolites and Nigerians by extension that he was completely in support of the proposed RUGA.

Though the acceptance of RUGA didn’t come straight, he openly supported ‘Open Grazing’ in Imo state.

RUGA is the baptismal name for Open Grazing (a situation where herdsmen openly feed their cows by moving from one farmland to the other).

The Imo state governor said that Imo farmers and the herdsmen are on good terms and no form of attacks has ever happened between the two sets of people.

Irrespective of the cries by Easterners with regards to the increasing incessant killings of people masterminded by the bloodsucking Fulani herdsmen, the Imo state government openly accepted the abomination.

A few months ago, the southern governors of Nigeria met in Delta state to announce their stand against RUGA/Open Grazing policy.

In that meeting, the governor of Imo, Hope Uzodimma was absent. He didn’t go for the meeting nor was his deputy there to represent him.

For the very first time in the history of Nigeria, that meeting in Delta state was the first time the southern governors met.

The governors concluded their second meeting in Lagos to sign into law the issue of open grazing in the Southern part of the country.

Uzodimma stated during his press conference on Tuesday, that his government won’t sign against the Open Grazing saga.

A denial by Governor Umahi of Ebony state about the issue of 6 billion Naira on Open Grazing and the acceptance by the Imo state governor, Hope Uzodimma on the same issue, proves that Gaba Shehu might have mistaken Umahi to Uzodimma.

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Maybe Hope Uzodimma might be the person who collected the money Gaba Shehu claimed was given to Umahi.

As long as Hope Uzodimma openly kicked against the decision of Southern governors and stood a ground giving Fulani herdsmen the freedom to continue operating openly in the state is a clear indication that Gaba Shehu meant Uzodimma and not Umahi.

In A Wrap

Uzodimma is aware of the deadly danger he has exposed Imolites to but still insist Imolites are in a good relationship with the herdsmen.

100 percent of Imo indigenes have been kicked against this decision by the state governor. But personally, Uzodimma believes that accepting Open Grazing is a sure way of maintaining his position as a governor of Imo state and continuous support by the Fulani Oligarchy.

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