6 Functions of Effective Communication in the Family

Effective communication is a way of passing information, ideas etc from one person to the other without any form of distortion or noise.

If you are running a family or into a family, never neglect the functions of effective communication. Asa man needs bread to leave, so does a family that needs communication.

Any man who doesn’t give a damn about his children’s welfare stands the chance of losing his dignity as a father.

Am sorry to say, this article might have a full effect on men but it is written for all. So if you are a lady and you are reading this content, place yourself as the person this post is referring to.

Effective communication matters a great lot. If you must joke with anything don’t think about joking with the interaction you normally have with your children.

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Sometimes a child would be saying something using a particular language known to him. If you have been very close to him, you will understand what he needs then.

It is unwise not to give your children the attention that they deserve. It makes them inferior and never ready to share their problems with you.

Have you imagined talking in a group and no one is listening to you? That is the same way children feel whenever they notice that no one is listening to them.

Before we continue let’s take a look at this short true-life story

My father, during my university days, scantily asked about my welfare. My mother is the only person that is always asking about my state of health and how my schooling is going.

She calls me almost every day to know how I am fairing. My dad on the other hand calls only once a month or in two months.

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On many occasions,s I wondered if I have a dad. The truth is that I have a father who does not care about me.

God blessed me, after school I made money and made my mother’s needs my top priority. His own needs I made secondary at times I forced myself into attending to his needs.

He finds it difficult to request anything from me. If he wants anything, he would go through the express link which is my mother.

One day, he gathered morale to sit me down and question the form of relationship that is existing between us.

Without wasting any time, I reminded him about the level of care and love he showed me while I was in the university.

There was no form of effective communication of any kind.

The only time my father will call me on the phone is when he is expecting money from one of his clients.

He had issues with his bank account so he usually uses my account to make his transactions.

Only when he has issues relating to bank transfers, that is when he will remember that he has a son he has not called for more than a month or more.

Functions of effective communication in a family
Father and son communicating – pixabay

Functions of Effective Communication in the family

Like I said earlier, for any family to function effectively there must be the constant practice of effective communication.

1. Promotes good family relationship:

Effective communication boosts family relationships. Nobody will see anyone as a pest or would there be much hatred among family members. That is to say, it helps in the reduction of one-sided love.

A parent who gives more attention to the child tends to earn more of the child’s love than the other parent. That is to say, if a father shows more care to the child more than the mother, the child will love the father more than the mother.

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Effective communication comes into play here. Both the mother and father should ensure that they have an effective relationship with their children to discourage one-sided love.

2. Sharing Secrets

A child who has a strong relationship with their parents will always want to tell them his/her problem.
In aA family where there is effective communication, the child feels free to share his secrets.

If maybe the child is suffering from one emotional problem or the other, the level of communication between him and his parents will decide whether he will share it with them or not.

The family is supposed to be the first societal group that should have an idea of the kind of person the child will become. Where there is no form of good family relationship, this can never be ascertained.

That is to say, it will be too difficult for parents to understand the kind of child they gave birth to. And of course, it is detrimental to any family with such a problem.

3. Broadening Knowledge

It is well understood that children at their tender age are so inquisitive. They would want to know why everything on earth happens the way it does.

Children ask questions a lot and when they get the answer it sticks in their brain. This also helps to widen their knowledge and also build their thinking capabilities.

If there is no effective communication, questions posed by the child cannot be answered and this of course affects their level of knowledge acquisition.

That is to say in a nutshell when a child’s question is not answered it negatively affects the assimilation of knowledge then.

Though I am not concluding, I think it could be one of the reasons why some children have a low Intelligence Quotient (IQ).

4. Effective Communication in Child’s New Family

My mother will always tell me that what a child learns from his family will follow him/her when he/she finally gets married.

That is true. A child who learnt from his parents (whether father or mother) how to ignore his children will take it to his marriage.

If you learnt effective communication from any of your parents, it will follow you when you start having your children.

5. Affects the Outside Society

Poor communication skills learnt from the family poses a great threat to the child when communicating with people outside his family.

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He won’t know how to effectively talk to people. Sometimes, he says things anyhow without guiding his utterances.

On many occasions, she would fall into trouble due to the unacceptable words that came out of his mouth.

These are of course things he learnt from his family. Due to a lack of proper communication skills, a child tends to carry out this bad learnt habit to the outside society.

6. Leadership

Effective communication also promotes good leadership. A child who learnt how to communicate effectively with his family will make a good leader.

He will carry everyone along and ensure that everybody gets the right information and at the right time.

You and I know the role communication plays in leadership, so it’s less important talking more about it.

Some of the Basic Reasons Why Effective Communication is Important in a Family

  • Promote family love
  • Attends to the wants of the children appropriately.
  • Understand what the child wants.
  • Bringing up children with good leadership qualities.
  • Better running of the family affairs.
  • Training children that won’t fear to speak the truth.
  • Remove all forms of accepting intimidation among family members.
  • Kills every form of inferiority complex.


Effective communication can not take place without a source, a channel, and a receiver. Parents are advised to cultivate and promote effective communication in the family. The reason for this is that what a child learns follows him to the outside society and his own new family.

Effective Communication is important when thinking of running a healthy family.

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