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Dog Farts my most embarrassing moment
My dog after farting.. courtesy of pixabay

Dog farts can be embarrassing especially when it happens in unexpected moments.

Jimmy is my very good friend and has been my best friend ever since I relocated to New York.

My parents knew that I was gradually becoming a man so they allowed me to stay in our old house in New York.

Because I never wanted to be lonely in that area I decided to go along with Jimmy.

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Jimmy is three months old and has become a very great part of my life.

I know fully well that dog farts are something else. But one this time around left me shocked for almost a life time. When it happens (dog farts), it becomes embarrassing. It is embarrassing because it happens at unexpected moments.

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Okay, I have spent two years in New York and my family members are making plans to visit us (I and Jimmy).

It was a great moment which I have not experienced in the past two years.

Eating together with my family has always given me the impression that there is nothing more than happy family life.

Jimmy and I prepared for their arrival. Around 4 pm, the long-awaited visitors showed up.

The joy that filled the whole room was enormous. The sight of my mother alone was something else.

She is the only woman that gives me joy on this planet Earth.

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Someone might question my girlfriend’s whereabouts, but unfortunately, I don’t have any girlfriend for now.

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I see having girlfriends or being in sexual relationships as a distraction to achieving personal goals.

Because I decided to come to New York and become something useful to myself, I’ve decided to keep sexual relationships as my tertiary needs, not even secondary needs.

That does not mean that I am not ready to be in a relationship. What I am just trying to say is that I will do it at the right time.

Dog farts: Back to the Story

So like I was saying, my parents, visited me in our old house in New York. The day they visited was my birthday. It, therefore, means that they came to visit me and also celebrate one of the greatest days of my life.

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My dad planned on taking us out on my birthday. Since it is my birthday and also their first time visiting since I left Washington DC for New York, I decided to accept his offer.

Ordinarily, I don’t have any interest in going out that very day.

I can’t say no to a man who has long missed his son. We hopped into the family car and drove to Crown Shy. Crown Shy is one of the leading classy restaurants in NYC.

While we relaxed and waited patiently for what we ordered, stories were shared.

We discussed how life has been ever since I left Washington for NYC.

Joy filled the room. It was one of a kind. I have for a long time experienced this kind of family get-together.

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The food we ordered has finally arrived. It is always a ritual in my family to pray before eating.

After the meal, the next thing we heard was a thunderous sound.

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My dog had farted. The sound came at the end of the prayers. Let me say, it was his way of saying Amen.

I was shocked at the sound of the dog’s fart. People around turned to stare at us.

A few seconds later, the whole restaurant was covered with an ugly odour.

We couldn’t eat, people in the restaurant also couldn’t eat anymore because of the fart.

The whole place was intoxicating. My dog was the first to leave the restaurant at that moment.

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I believe he was chased away by his fart.

Everybody left the restaurant. It was as if the whole place was contaminated.

The owners of the restaurant threatened to sue me if I did not pay for their loss.

My father reached out to the manager and the whole thing was settled.

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This is the very first time my dog farted so loudly. Someone recommended I take him to a veterinary doctor for a proper check-up.

This is the first time this kind of thing is happening. Well, I can’t hate my dog who doubles as my best friend because it ruined my day.

For dogs to fart, it is natural among animals. The thing is that he did the right thing but at the wrong place.

We all drove back to the house, still in a happy spirit.

Honestly, that very day, which is also my birthday, left a very big picture in my heart.

It’s true my dog ruined it but it remained one of the greatest days of my life.

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Dog Farts: My Most Embarrassing moment