Chinese Lecturers: People React As Kenya Signs Deal With China

A big shame for Africa as Kenya signs deal with China to allow Chinese lecturers to start teaching students in the Kenyan higher

Chinese Lecturers: People React As Kenyan Government Signs Deal With China.

The Government of Kenya has brokered a deal with the Chinese Government to have Chinese Tutors contracted to teach in Kenyan Universities.

The partnership involves contracting Chinese professionals to share their technical skills with Kenyan students in local universities.

Another way of promoting neocolonialism in Africa has just been initiated by the Kenyan government.

Why Chinese lecturers? What happened to the Indigenous people who are also good in that field?


When will Africa come out of darkness? This is a question that people ask every day.

It is also very unfortunate that no African is safe in Africa. Kenya has proven to the world that Africa is still existing in the dark age.

For Chinese Lecturers to handle the affairs of lecturing in Kenya is a big problem staged for the future.

It is better fought now hence it explodes consuming everybody.

Does it also mean that in Kenya there are no technical professionals who can better teach the students? No one can say that such is possible.

Then if that is the case, why are they not allowed to practice what they know.


China has a developed economy. Kenya suffers economic degradation and yet, they want to give job opportunities that are meant for Kenyans to Chinese lecturers.

Signing a deal with China for their lecturers will add to boosting the Chinese relevance and economy and still retaining Kenya in their position as a hunger ridden African country.

What is wrong with giving on-the-job training to Kenyan technical professionals?

Africa is in the dark and it is still promoted by African leaders who lack the clue on how to make Africa a worth visiting continent.

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