A Chat With a Stranger (The Life-Changing Story)

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A chat with a stranger

Many have condemned it as a very big mistake to chat with a stranger. They gave their reasons that strangers could never be trusted.

Well, the truth is that I respect every person’s opinion. But the truth is that you can’t force me into buying your superstitious beliefs about strangers.

If chatting with strangers is that bad, what made you think that you could be in existence?

A Chat With A Stranger Springs A Family

It will shock you to hear that it is from the chat you had with a total stranger that brought about your family.

Okay, let’s say, for example, your parents were strangers to each other before they became lovers that ended in marriage.

A chat with a stranger shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing. The only thing is that you should be careful about how you keep yourself open.

A chat with a stranger can completely change your life for good. Never neglect the greatness that might surround them.

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Strangers could be your destiny helpers so don’t by any chance treat them wrongly.

Someone told me that it was a wrong idea to offer a lift to a stranger because they might end up as hired assassins.

As funny as that sounds. It then means in a short sentence that taxi drivers should give up on their jobs to avoid being assassinated.

Your chat with a stranger should be closely monitored so that they won’t see you as a loose individual.

Yes, some strangers are indeed evil but it doesn’t stop you from being good to them.

What you do to someone you don’t know counts more than what you do to someone that you know.

Nekenwa Saviosantos

Strangers Short Story

There was a day I was hurrying for a job interview. It was raining heavily that very day.

While I waited for a taxi, there came an old woman walking down the road.

“My God! What could be wrong with this old woman? Why is she walking in the rain without an umbrella?” All these questions I couldn’t provide the answers to.

I quickly ran to her and gave her my umbrella. She told me that she was in a hurry to meet her son and never knew that it would rain.

I was able to stop a taxi for her. The taxi was full so I couldn’t join them. I wanted to pay for the old woman’s fare but she refused and asked the taxi driver not to collect the money from me.

Luckily enough, another taxi drove by. I was able to join the taxi that took me to my destination.

When I got to the company where the interview was taking place, luckily enough I wasn’t late even though I was late, lol.

About 50 people came for the interview, the 49th person just came out and the 50th person was called.

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It was my turn to be interviewed. Though I was a bit scared that I would be asked to leave because I was wet and late.

I was allowed to be interviewed and after everything, they concluded that there won’t be a need for me to work with them because my qualifications did not match what they were looking for.

According to them, I did well in my oral interview but my papers were a complete discouragement.

Before I could realize what was going on, an old lady walked into the conference room.

“Mom, you are here,” My interviewer said standing up.

I looked behind and behold it was the same woman I helped earlier with my umbrella.

“My daughter, what are you doing in my son’s company?” She asked.

The son was fast enough to cut me short. He told her, I was among those for the interview.

“Son, I don’t know what you have concluded with her but make sure she gets the job. You can’t afford to lose this kind of person” she said.

That was a great relief for me. The son looked at me and wondered what happened between me and his mother.

He told me that he will call me after making his final decision.

Before I could get home, there was a new text message on my phone telling me that I have been employed in the Tim group of companies.

Just like that. I have finally gotten a job from the company of my dreams.

Should I also tell you that the stranger I helped with my umbrella finally became my mother-in-law?

Yes, after many months of working for her son, we fell in love and got married.

Back To Our Discussion

Never neglect strangers who come your way because they have a great role to play in your life.

Every meeting should be valued and treated with care.

A simple chat with a stranger is strong enough to initiate a long-lasting relationship.

Nobody remains a stranger in your life forever. Someone who is a stranger today could become your friend by tomorrow.

Learn to be respectful to those you call strangers because they can be your destiny helpers tomorrow. I trust the above story illustrates this point as a whole.

A chat with a stranger helps you forget about your worries. This person doesn’t know anything about you but can be of help where necessary, that is if he/she could.

Are you still scared about having a chat with strangers? Try giving it a shot.


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