Boxing Fight Night: Papa and Mama Tournament

It is another boxing fight night and we are all once again denied that very precious sleep.

My name is Kali and this is my family story. Though I hate to reveal what happens in my family. Because of its relevance and how I think it will be of help to you, that is why I am sharing.

My parents have converted our home into a boxing ring.

Boxing Fight Night: Papa and Mama Tournament

Almost every day there is a boxing tournament in my family. The fight between my father and my mother kept on denying us our sleep.

In school, my teacher would file a report against me to either my parents or the school authority on the way I sleep in class.

My parents would be invited to the school to give an account of what could be the reason why I always sleep in class. What do you expect from them? Are you thinking that they will tell the Principal the truth?

The truth is that our parents have succeeded in denying us sleep all night as they converted every night in our home as boxing fight night.


You may be wondering what I have done to bring an end to these fighting nights. Honestly, I have been doing my best.

The last time I tried to separate them I got injured in the process and that was five months ago.

Since that very day, I decided not to get involved in their misunderstandings any longer.

Sometimes I wonder if our parents don’t understand the implications of these regular fight nights on their children.

Boxing Fight Night: How it Starts

Something might go wrong during the day. Maybe Mama would say something wrong to a neighbour, and when it is night, Papa would wake her up to ascertain why she embarrassed our family during the day.

Now you are beginning to wonder with me how this kind of case became necessary to cause a fight between my parents.


My mom on her own will pretend to not hear my father talking. The angry papa will land a heavy slap on her and the fight will begin.

The first time my elder brother came back from Lagos State after gaining admission to Lagos State University, he tried to separate them. Before he could know what was happening, he was injured in the process of trying to separate our parents from fighting.

My angry elder brother left for Lagos State the next morning leaving us his younger siblings to continue with our sufferings which we are experiencing from our parents.

Unnecessary issues can generate a boxing fight night among our parents.

My injury happened after my elder brother had travelled back to Lagos. As a result, I decided not to meddle in their night boxing tournaments any longer.

Why I Couldn’t Report Their Boxing fight Nights

My siblings and I are so trained in keeping family issues confidential. Irrespective of how we needed to share it with people, we still saw it as a bad idea to wash and hang our dirty pants in public.

We kept everything that happened in our family confidential. When my classmates ask me the reason for my injury, I will tell them that I had a domestic accident.

Another lie we have learnt to tell over the period our parents never stopped fighting.

They Were Not Known For Fighting

My parents were peace-loving people. We grew up to know our family as a peace-loving family. What happened was a question no one was ready to give an accurate answer to.

To tell you the nature of their love for one another, my father returns home with a gift for my mother as a way of saying he was sorry for fighting her over the night.


My mom on her part will also apologize to my father for not being a good wife but rather a woman ever ready to fight her husband.

As if it has all come to an end. Lookout in the next two to three days. Another boxing fight night will be activated.

This is what we are passing through almost every day in my family.

On the way these two love birds will act during the day, calling each other pet names and making neighbours feel jealous will leave you amazed.

During the day, they are best friends and during the night, they will become sworn enemies.

One day, I summoned the courage to report this case to the police. You and I know the issue of this country’s police and how they behave. They asked me to go home and settle my family case. They even went ahead to tell me that it is a husband and wife case so I shouldn’t get involved.

What? I shouldn’t get involved in my own parents’ case? Within me, I was filled with rage but couldn’t do anything because I was just a kid.

Days were turning into weeks and weeks turning into months. I couldn’t bear it any longer. My family was gradually becoming the opposite of what my parents dreamt of.

My father had shared with us how he wants our family to be in the future. This was long before they started their crazy night wars.

Father said he wants a family where children will grow up to love God, their parents, their siblings and themselves.

Now I am wondering, how can we achieve all these when our parents are sworn, enemies?

How The Boxing Night Fight Was Defeated

My siblings who double as twins will burst into tears when our parents will start their normal boxing night fight.

I couldn’t bear it any longer. My two younger ones are just five years old, and can’t do anything to help the situation. My elder brother had decided not to come back again to the family.

No person can save my family if not me. But how can I go about it?

One night, a thought came into my mind. Though it was dangerous, I had no other option. I decided to carry out the plans because the parental war was becoming uncontrollable.

As usual, it was two days after their reconciliation and another fight had started.

The cause this time around I don’t care to know. I stood up from my bed, went straight to the kitchen and switched on the gas.

I took the lighter and walked to their room. I was standing at the door watching my parents fight.

A few seconds later, the smell of the open gas circulated the entire house.

My father was the first to notice the change in the house smell. He stopped to know if what he was thinking was actually what was happening.

I lifted the lighter in such a way that they would notice that I can set the whole house in flames in just a second.

My parents were down on their knees begging me to drop the lighter. I went to my little siblings’ room and woke them up. I brought them to the sitting room still holding the lighter in a threat to light it if they (our parents) tried to stop me from setting the house on fire.

I told my parents to apologise to my siblings and me and also promise never to fight again.

Without wasting time, my parents went to their knees and promised never to fight again.

My parents are known for making promises and keeping them. So whether they will keep to their promise or not, I was certain they will keep to their promise.

I went back to the kitchen and turned off the gas. A few minutes later, the smell of the gas disappeared and the house became secured again.

That night was a very cold night for our parents. The next morning they didn’t speak to each other.

After two days, mother bought a gift for father and all of us. This is unlike her. Father has been the one doing this before but shockingly, mommy has assumed the position.

Weeks and months passed, and our parents never had their usual boxing fight nights again.

I think it was high time I concluded that sanity has returned to my family.


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Also, note that this story and the characters mentioned are completely fictional.

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