Angel caught on camera
Angel does her thing

Just like it is expected at the BB Naija house, Angel is caught on camera doing the normal thing she is known for.

As things are getting hot at BB Naija, Angel was caught unconsciously digging herself.

A viral video of Angel digging deep into her konto surfaced earlier today.

This happened after the show at the BBNaija house where she was the host of the event.

At the event, she wore a see-through mini outfit which her father praised after it went viral.

Her father went ahead to share the pictures of the nearly naked Angel on social media.

People are wondering why Angel was digging herself even when she knew that cameras were mounted all over.

@Samclef who shared the video wondered if she knew what she was doing at all and cried for Kayode whom he believes is seeing a lot.

“What is Angel doing? No, be Konji be that? Kayode The cameraman Dey see things o!”


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