The bad dragon Lord final episode


In the market, Yaroro is spotted walking about looking for a special metal to buy. His whole body was completely covered. The only thing that could be seen were his eyes.


His reason for covering himself is to avoid being caught and repatriated to his clan.

While he sought for the metal, he came in contact with Princess Elena.

Elena is the only surviving child of the murdered king of Kwango.

The bad dragon Lord murdered her father to assume the kingship position of the Kwango clan.


Elena collided with Yaroro and his metals fell. At the same time, he was unveiled and the soldiers around noticed he was the person they were looking for.

They ran after him and escaped with the princess. After about 15 minutes of hot pursuit, they could find him again.

Yaroro brought Princess Elena to his little hideout. A place where no man can ever believe someone lived.

“Why are those soldiers after you?” the princess asked.

“Have you not heard about the young man who is planning against the bad dragon of Kwango” he replied, stopping what he was doing.

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The princess is aware that someone is being wanted for treasonable charges but doesn’t know who he was.

“Look, I am ready to help you achieve your goals,” the Princess said.

“No can’t,” Yaroro said.

“Why?” Elena asked.

“Because you are just a lady who doesn’t know what is happening in Kwango and also, you can’t face the heat of what I am to face” Yaroro fumed.

“I am only a lady who doesn’t know what is happening in Kwango” Elena repeated. “I am princess Elena, the heiress to the throne of the Kwango clan,” she said, revealing herself the most.

A second of silence was observed and Yaroro started laughing at her mockingly.

She was looking at herself as someone who just made a fool of herself.


“And why are you laughing?” she asked, looking embarrassed.

“Whom did you say you are? Princess of Kwango?” He laughed again.

“As your princess, I command you to stop laughing” she commanded.

At this point, Yaroro was not happy. He hates to be ordered by ladies and he made the point clear to her never to say that again in his house.

They never knew that they were trailed to their hideout. Soldiers surrounded their hideout and returned them to Kwango.

It was when the king recognised Elena as a princess that he finally believed that Elena was telling the truth.

She is the only bloodline of the late king. While in prison waiting for the day of his public execution, he planned on how to rescue the princess and save the Kwango.

He had the small knife his father gave to him in his pocket. This knife can be converted to a powerful sword when a drop of blood touches it.

The soldiers couldn’t find the knife when they were searching for him because the knife was so small that he carefully hid it in his mouth.

The bad dragon Lord had announced the day of his public execution. People gathered in fear to witness how anyone guilty of treason is treated.

The dragon called for the prisoners (Princess and Yaroro) and they were brought before him.

He ordered them to be tied against the tree in the middle of the arena.

When his order was carried out, the bad Dragon king said “on this very day, you shall witness what happens to those who stand against the will of the dragon king”.

He flew from his throne, down to the arena. While he opened his mouth to gather his breath of fire, Yaroro had untied himself.

He managed to get the little knife out of his mouth and held it in his palm.

A drop of his blood on the knife from the little cut he gave himself, enlarged the small knife to a very powerful weapon.


He charged against the dragon and the fierce battle began. Yaroro released the Princess and they fought side by side against the bad dragon Lord.

The people watched in total amazement. One person among the crowd raised the booing sound against the dragon king and this didn’t go down well with the dragon.

The entire clan has turned against him and by implication, he is now fighting against the Kwango once again.

He roasted a lot of people with his breath of fire but was finally defeated by the deadly sword of Yaroro.

Yaroro defeated the bad dragon Lord and finally the reign of tyranny ended in Kwango.

Princess Elena became the first female king in the history of Kwango and had no other person to run the affairs of the kingdom but Yaroro.

She married Yaroro at the graveside of the dead king of the Kwango clan.


While Princess Elena minded the political affairs of Kwango, Yaroro ensured the solidification of the army of Kwango.

Their reign as both husband and wife and as leaders brought back the glory days of Kwango.

The End….

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